Norwich, Conn., to Increase Water Supply

Norwich, Conn., to Increase Water Supply

Plans are under way to increase the water supply of Norwich, Conn. A temporary relief is to be furnished by an emergency privilege to draw upon Tadmo Pond and Trading Grove Brook until the new supply is completed. The increased fire risk to the city, because of the shortage of the water supply, is pointed out in a report just issued by the National Board of Fire Underwriters, following a recent inspection by one of the national board’s engineers. Major J. H. Howland. Some hydrants at high points had no water, the average pressure fell off at least 10 pounds, reducing the efficiency of sprinkler systems and direct hydrant streams and handicapping the fire department, according to Major Howland’s report. The need of a more adequate supply has been made strikingly apparent for more than 20 years, the report also states, by experiences similar to the recent shortage at fairly frequent intervals.

As indicated on the city’s official gauge, the average day pressure in the principal mercantile district was fully 10 pounds below normal. The urgent need of opening the Stony Brook supply main at the earliest possible date was pointed out. The city has purchased an emergency term privilege of drawing upon Tadmo Pond, which is said to contain 25,000,000 gallons in storage, and Trading Cove Brook with a combined drainage area of approximately seven square miles. A three-phase 440-volt 150 H. P. induction motor directly connected to a Lawrence centrifugal pump, with a rated capacity under a total head of 225 feet of 2,000,000 gallons a day, has been installed at elevation 61 on the bank of Trading Cove Brook close to the Stony Brook supply main and above the Venturi meter house.

An overhead power line of 4,600, volts with outside pole transformer, is about to be connected into the pump house; the latter is in progress of construction and is a small brick building with concrete floor, metal frame windows and jointed asbestos covered roof. A twelve inch discharge pipe is connected into the Stony Brook supply main about 70 feet distant.


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