Norwood Church Damaged

Norwood Church Damaged

The Norwood United Church, in the town of Norwood, about 20 miles west of Peterborough, Canada, was completely gutted by fire. The church was built of stone, and although it was valued at $100,000, only $19,000 of insurance was carried.

Several workmen were working in the bell tower, when they noticed the blaze. They rang the bell to attract the attention of the townfolks, and when the volunteer Fire Department arrived, they formed a bucket brigade and attempted to fight the fire that was already through the roof.

A call for help was sent to Peterborough Fire Department, which arrived with nine men and a triple combination pumper. Hastings sent a steamer.

The roof crashed in. and after six hours of hard fighting the fire was out. Volunteers removed most of the furniture and furnishings from the church

and Sunday school. Several volunteers were overcome by smoke. Chief Gimblett of the Peterborough Fire Department gave great praise regarding the good work done by the Hasting Volunteer Department with their steamer.

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