Notes by the Way.

Notes by the Way.

[From Our Own Correspondent.]

MONTREAL, QUK., February 25.—The following new apparatus will be purchased by the Montreal Fire Department next month: 15,000 feet of hose, and water tower; the present system of fire alarm (Gamewell) will be greatly improved and extended; a new fire station will also be built. Two 100-single-gallon tank chemical engines are expected this week from the Holloway Engine Company of Baltimore. The matter of increasing the firemen’s pay comes up before the council this week and will in all probability be satisfactorily arranged.

Chief Benoit has been indefatigable in his efforts to place the department on a first class basis. Soon after his appointment in November, r888, it will be remembered, Chief Benoit paid a visit to the departments of New York and other principal .cities of the United States. He also proposes to attend the National Convention at Detroit next September.

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