Rumsey & Co. of Senaca Falls, N. Y., have furnished the town of Noblesville, Ind., with a new hand engine and other apparatus.

The contract for the iron practice balconies and stand-pipe on the new Fire Department Headquarters in New York, has been awarded to the Alden & Co. Iron Works of this city.

Business in the fire department line is opening up well for R. T. Whelpley, of 141 Lake street, Chicago, for the new year. He reports several orders for the celebrated “White Anchor” brand since the first of the month.

The handsome calendar issued by the Ahrens Manufacturing Company of Cincinnati, in its clear, bold figures and tasteful embellishments, offers a pleasing contrast to the many glaring and useless abominations of the kind scattered broadcast this season. It will prove a useful decoration to many an office.

The La France Engine Company has, during the past month, contracted for supplying fi re apparatus, to cost in the aggregate $30,000. The company recently shipped new engines to Petersburg and Richmond, Va., Greensboro, N. C.,and Brunswick, Ga.

Among the resolutions adopted by the Iowa State Firemen’s Association, in convention at Des Moines last week, was one favoring the Gamewell Fire Alarm as the most efficient system known to the members.

The Ocean Fire Company of Washington, N. C., which consists of a hose, truck and engine company, is being equipped with a very dressy uniform, consisting of hats, shirts and belts, by the Smith Manufacturing Company of 123 Fulton street, New York.

The Western business of the Fabric Fire Hose Company, under the management of Robert Many of Chicago, was, in 1886, greatly increased, and promises to be even larger this year. The Western office will be removed on February 1, from 146 to 139 Lake street.

The store of the Hamilton Rubber Company, at 13a and 133 Lake street, Chicago, presents a very busy appearance, and the new year will no doubt be a good one for this company, whose “ Hercules ” fire hose is obtaining a widespread reputation and a very large sale.

Charles A. Landy and Richard H. Salter, Western agents of the Eureka Fire Hose Company, at 131 and 133 Lake street, Chicago, are preparing for an active campaign during 1887, and the ” Eureka,” “ Paragon ” and ” Red Cross” brands of hose will have a large sale if the efforts of these gentlemen are as productive of good results as they have been in the past.

The year 1SS5 was the most prosperous one in the history ol the Bangot Extension Ladder Company. More ladders were sold, more money received, the profits were greater and better satisfaction was given, if possible, than ever before. The excellence of the Bangor ladder is now generally recognized in all fire departments.

The following from The New York World of January 15, will be of interest to all thinking of ordering badges or other firemen’s equipments :

Few people not identified with society, military or civic organizations, have any idea of what magnitude the manuafcture of badges has, of recent years, assumed. A correspondent having requested the address of a responsible manufacturer of these goods, I take pleasure in giving him one, and at the same time 1 think it likely that there may be many other people interested in this subject. Mr. C. G. Braxman, at No. 36 Corllandt street, New York, has been established since 1859, and is the only house that I know of making a specialty of badge and medal manufacture. It is certainly there that many members of Masonic, Knights Templar, Military, Fire and othe o’gamzations buy their emblems. It was this house that made the famous souveni’s worn by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers at their last annual convention, and it is here that so many of the handsome athletic and other sporting medals are made. In fact this gentleman makes a study of his business, employing a corps of artists and skilled workmen, which, with the most improved ma liirery, enables him to keep in the lead of all competitors. I am happy in being able to recommend him to my correspondent, and to all others in need of such goods.

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