We were very much astonished a few days since on receiving the following letter :

NEW YORK, June 22, 1882.

Col. C. Thomson, Editor Fireman’s Journal:

DEAR SIR—The enclosed bill for 5000 copies of THE FIREMAN’S JOURNAL, has been sent to us, as you will observe, by one Wm. C: Lewis, of 65 Liberty street, this city. Knowing of but one journal bearing the name above, and that published and edited by yourself, we refer the matter to you to ascertain whether the enclosed bill is correct and was made by your authority. Very respectfully,

CHESTER H. POND, Secretary.

The following is a copy of the bill referred to by Mr. Pond :

65 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, June 21, 1882.


1 % Barclay Street, City.

To WM. C. LEWIS, Dr.

For 5000 copies FIREMAN’S JOURNAL, containing article on the ” Brooklyn Fire Alarm Telegraph,” prepared as per agreement.$150.00

A bill similar to the above has been sent to Mr. I. B. Markey, General Agent of the Fabric Fire Hose Company.

In reply to his letter we informed Mr. Pond that we had never printed such an article as was referred to in the bill he enclosed, that we had never sent the 5000 papers charged for, and that the bill was not authorized by any one identified in any way with this paper. Were we to give the details of Mr. Lewis’ transactions with the Gamewell Company and Mr. Markey, or to characterize them as they deserve, we should be giving too much prominence to Mr. Lewis.

We now desire to notify all our patrons and friends that W. C. Lewis was never connected with this paper, nor was he ever authorized to solicit business of any kind for it. We caution our patrons against entrusting him with any orders of any kind designed for this paper.

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