Nott Engine Doing Good Service.

Nott Engine Doing Good Service.

The subjoined letter explains itself:

March 14, 1912.

Bronxville Engine and Hose Company No. 2. Bronxville, N. N.

Nott Fire Engine Co., Minneapolis, Minn.

Gentlemen: Several years ago there was bought from the J. S. Woodhouse Company of this city one of your Nott third-class fire engines which has done excellent work since it has been in the department. At the time it was purchased there was a chart or book of instructions furnished with it, but this unfortunately has become misplaced. As time rolled on different men ran the steamer, but it has been a trying matter to break in men to run the engine. The steamer to-day is as good as the day it was purchased, and it has done excellent work under the care of good men. I have been appointed engineer, and I am going to ask you to please send me a chart or whatever printed matter or directions you may have for taking care of it. If there is any expense attached to these books, let me know, and will be pleased to send you same upon receipt of your reply. Thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter, I beg to remain.

Yours truly,

(Signed) I. J. CHALTAIN,

P. O. Box 244.

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