Novel Aitls IJnetl in Drill Tower Work

Novel Aitls IJnetl in Drill Tower Work

In connection with the work of the San Francisco, Cal., drill tower training, the department has developed a portable cutting outfit which was built in the department shops.

The cutting outfit is arranged with two handles so that the entire outfit can be carried by two men in a manner similar to a stretcher. When the outfit is opened, one end rests upon the ground and an easel supports it in a slanting position. It is provided with a metal door.

For enabling a fireman on a roof to keep in touch with the men below, there has been designed a portable telephone outfit with 350 feet of telephone wire on a reel. All of the telephonic apparatus is arranged to fit into a box which can easily be carried by two men.

A high pressure valve has been mounted on a four-wheel truck for the training of the firemen in the proper method of opening and closing the valve. A platform has been mounted on four wheels—the firemen stand on the platform and operate the valve which requires 176 turns of a hand-wheel to open or close completely. In actual practice the valves in the high pressure system are subject to a pressure of three hundred pounds.

San Francisco Drill Tower Showing Net in Place.

The drill tower which is constructed of joisted brick is seven stories high. A net forty feet long and supported by a series of removable steel posts and springs attached to the sides of the tower is used to guard the safety of the students while they obtain practice in the use of some of the department tools and in the drill tower evolutions.

Showing the Portable Telephone in Use at the San Franciso Drill Tower.The Portable Cutting Outfit in Position for Use. At Right is Captain Rocca Who is in Charge of the Drill Tower Work.Firemen Receiving Instruction in the Proper Method of Opening a High Pressure Valve.

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