Novel Church Raise for Ladder

Novel Church Raise for Ladder

No attempt will be made to prepare a written procedure for a church or dome raise, where portable ladders of varying length are to be raised vertically in banks, churches, auditoriums, etc. It is assumed that all fire departments are thoroughly familiar with the details of such procedures. This method that is submitted herewith has been in use in our training school very successfully for some fifteen years.

Two ladders are used in this operation. After the ladder to be climbed is raised to a vertical position, a second ladder is placed upon the lower rung between the beams of the vertical ladder; this second ladder is moved in one or two rungs (see Fig. 1) and is placed in a horizontal position. Using a rolling hitch (or its equivalent), the two rungs of the two ladders are leashed very securely (Fig. 2). Here men are shown in position and holding the anchor ropes that are tied to the third rung below the ladder tip. Two or three men stand on the horizontal, or anchor, ladder. When everything is in proper order, it is almost impossible to force movement of the butt, even on tile, polished hardwood floors, etc. Should there be a shortage of manpower the anchor rope may be fastened to some substantial object and the anchor ladder may be weighted down with sand bags amounting in weight to 300 pounds or more.

Figure 1Figure 2

It would be wise to use some protective measure beneath the ladder butt to prevent marring the floor, such as rubber matting, etc.

It is not claimed that this method has never been used anywhere else prior to its development here in the Training School. It is hoped that it may be of some value to someone in the fire service.

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