Nozzle for Making Fog

Nozzle for Making Fog

Fireman Conrad Schwall and Lieut. Thomas Gustavino, of Engine Company 163, New York Fire Department, have developed a nozzle for making fog, to be used in fighting oil and smoky fires.

Deputy Chief John Spencer of Staten Island learned that the Standard Oil Company was considering the use of a fog nozzle. He gathered data on the subject, and worked with the two men ii developing the nozzle that has been submitted to the New York Fire Department.

Fireman Schwall Demonstrating the Fog Nozzle

The nozzle is fitted with a ball in a cage. The ball is so arranged that it rides on a thrust ball bearing, mounted on the cage directly in front of the nozzle opening. The ball has a number of grooves. When the face of the ball is struck by the stream, the grooves cause the ball to spin, and in that way the stream is broken up into a fine mist.

It is claimed by Chief Spencer that this nozzle will use less water and will cover a much wider area than other types of nozzles.

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