NVFC Readies for 2012 Heart-Healty Firefighter Program

Another year has almost passed, and it’s been a busy one for the National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) Heart–Healthy Firefighter Program. Hundreds of first responders in nine states received free health screenings, almost 80 individuals became Health and Wellness Advocates, and a variety of webinars and other resources were offered.

2012 promises to be another exciting year for the NVFC’s health and safety activities, including the Heart–Healthy Firefighter Program. Below are a few of the initiatives to look forward to in the coming year.

  • Health and Wellness Advocate Workshops – The NVFC is bringing its Health and Wellness Advocate Workshops to the state level this year, with a focus on training instructors to deliver the class in their state, reaching even more people.
  • Webinars — The NVFC is adding to its webinar and training library next year. In addition to current offerings on functional fitness, nutrition, seatbelt use, and more, live and on–demand webinars will cover equipment procedures, driving safety, and other health and safety topics.
  • Youth Core Competencies — A guide is being developed to help junior firefighter program advisors nationwide ensure their youth are well trained for a future in the fire service while observing state and national safety laws. The guide will feature existing standards with training tips and ideas for youth in a non–operational setting. The guide will also focus on youth development, such as teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Equipment Tracking – The NVFC is creating an equipment–tracking spreadsheet to keep track of all your departments’ tools and apparatus purchase, cleaning, and maintenance schedules. The finished product will allow departments to better demonstrate their need in federal, state, and foundation grant applications.
  • COPD Screenings – Through support from Pfizer, the NVFC will offer free chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) screenings at FDIC in Indianapolis, IN, April 19–21. Find the NVFC at booth 9014.
  • National Firefighter Health Week – Plans for the 2012 National Firefighter Health Week are underway, including some exciting changes. More details coming soon!

Stay tuned for more information and resources on the NVFC’s web site at www.nvfc.org/health_safety. Find information on health, nutrition, and fitness at www.healthy–firefighter.org.

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