NVFC Launches Firefighter Arson Incident Database

Firefighter arson is a long-standing problem that impacts fire departments and communities across the nation. History suggests that firefighter arson is not a new phenomenon, and its impact is profound on the department, the community, and the fire setter.

The overwhelming majority of firefighters serve honorably and are dedicated to the fire service and to their communities. That honor and dedication, however, is threatened each and every time a firefighter crosses the line and sets a fire. Exactly how many firefighters have crossed that line remains an open and contentious question.

In an effort to better understand the scope of the firefighter arson problem, the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has launched an online database to collect incident data. The database was developed in response to the NVFC’s 2011 report examining the firefighter arson problem, which highlighted the absence of firefighter arson data collection systems.

Users can view over 900 entries documented in the media since the year 2000 and can also submit known case data. The data comes from surveying media reports and is sorted by state.

Access the database at http://www.nvfc.org/arson-database/, and learn more about the firefighter arson problem, along with other reputation management issues, at http://www.nvfc.org/resources/reputation-management/.

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