NVFC National Junior Firefighter Program Announces Winners of Fifth Anniversary Gear and Grant Giveaway

The National Volunteer Fire Council’s (NVFC) National Junior Firefighter Program recently reached its fifth anniversary. Thanks to support from Spartan Motors, Inc., the program launched on July 28, 2007. To celebrate this milestone, the NVFC held a drawing for five sets of non-structural turnout gear for junior firefighters and five $100 grants for junior firefighter programs. Winners were selected on August 1.

The following five junior firefighters will each receive one set of custom fit non-structural turnout gear, generously donated by TECGEN Xtreme:

  • Alex Boutin, Coventry (CT) Volunteer Fire Association
  • Steven Carney, Madison Park (NJ) Volunteer Fire Company
  • Justin Deyber, Patterson Heights (PA) Volunteer Fire Department
  • Lewis Loftin, Lando (SC) Volunteer Fire Department
  • Nicole Wahlers, Lake Carmel (NY) Fire Department

The following five departments were selected to receive a $100 grant for their junior firefighter program:

  • Deale (MD) Volunteer Fire Department
  • Madison Park (NJ) Volunteer Fire Department
  • Lando (SC) Volunteer Fire Department
  • Devola (OH) Volunteer Fire Company
  • Washington (NJ) Emergency Squad

Since the National Junior Firefighter Program’s inception, over 4,000 junior firefighters and program advisors from all 50 states and two Canadian provinces have registered with the program. Junior firefighters have logged over 185,000 hours through the online hour-tracking tool. The NVFC has given away national awards, scholarships, and grants; developed resources, a recruitment video, and marketing materials; provided on-site, hands-on trainings; and much more.

The National Junior Firefighter Program continues to grow, with support from sponsors Spartan Motors, Tyco International, and California Casualty, and partners such as TECGEN Xtreme and MSA. Find out more at www.nvfc.org/juniors.

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