NVFC Releases New Resources for the Fire Service

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) has released several new resources to help fire and emergency service departments meet the challenges of a broad range of situations, including the tragedy of a line-of-duty death, the complexities of writing federal grant applications, adopting environmentally-friendly practices, and working with legislators to advance fire service legislation.

“The NVFC strives to provide needed resources to the fire and emergency services, and we are pleased to release these new guides to help departments navigate through the hurdles they may face,” said NVFC Chairman Philip C. Stittleburg. “Our goal is to make these situations more manageable and less daunting for departments and personnel.”

The new guides are available for free on the NVFC web site at www.nvfc.org. Resources include:

Funeral Procedures for Firefighters, Second Edition
Firefighting is a dangerous profession. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, about 100 firefighters die in the line of duty each year in the U.S. It is only fitting, given the heroic efforts of the fire service personnel, both paid and volunteer, that they be given the final respect they deserve. The NVFC developed this resource manual in response to numerous requests for information about how to properly conduct funeral services. Find this and other resources for dealing with the loss of a department member at www.nvfc.org/lodd.

Fire and Emergency Services Grant Writing Guide
The NVFC has developed this guide to help departments navigate the complexities of applying for federal grants. Since more requests are made for federal grants each year than there are funds available, it is extremely important to prepare the best grant application possible. Writing a compelling narrative and adhering to numerous rules and guidelines can often be challenging. The Fire and Emergency Services Grant Writing Guide is designed to make this process less daunting and assist departments and their grant writers in preparing a competitive application for these important grant opportunities. Find this and other grant writing resources at www.nvfc.org/grants.

Guide for Going Green in the Fire Service
People all across the nation are taking steps to decrease their impact on the environment, and there are many ways the fire service can do its part. The NVFC released the Guide for Going Green in the Fire Service to highlight sustainable practices and inspire departments to reduce their impact on the environment. The guide looks at a range of Earth-friendly steps departments can take, from simple practices such as recycling and energy conservation to complex solutions such as green construction. Some of these green practices have the added benefit of helping the department’s bottom line, such as lowering energy costs. Profiles of several green departments from across the country are also spotlighted. Find this and other resources at www.nvfc.org/page/1187/Going_Green.htm

Guide to Communicating with Elected Officials
The NVFC has released an updated version of its Guide to Communicating with Elected Officials in order to assist fire departments in communicating effectively with their local, state, and federal legislators. The guide provides information and advice on how to engage public policy makers in order to educate them about the needs of the volunteer fire and emergency services. The guide shows why grassroots advocacy is so important to the fire and emergency services and contains tips and tools to make advocacy less daunting. It goes over the tools for effective communication, provides information for understanding legislators, and teaches the how-to’s and ‘tricks of the trade’ for volunteer advocacy. Find this and other resources for legislative advocacy in the Volunteer Fire Service Advocacy Center at www.nvfc.org/page/650/Capitol_Hill_Connection.htm

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