NVFC Releases Comprehensive Guide to Retention and Recruitment

The NVFC, in partnership with the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), has released an in-depth guide on two of the biggest challenges facing the volunteer fire and emergency services – retention and recruitment. Retention and Recruitment for the Volunteer Emergency Services: Challenges and Solutions (Second Edition) addresses each of the main obstacles departments face regarding retention and recruitment and then outlines proven solutions to overcome these obstacles. This valuable resource is a must-have for all volunteer and combination departments who are experiencing retention and recruitment challenges.

Among the challenges identified and addressed in the new guide are time demands, training requirements, increasing call volume, changes in the “nature of the business,” changes in sociological conditions, leadership challenges, federal legislation, internal conflict, higher cost of housing, aging communities, and the effects of the decline in volunteers. The text contains a thorough and insightful look at each of these issues and provides examples of solutions that have worked in volunteer organizations across the nation. There is also an expansive Appendix section that contains further information such as study results, statistics, sample documents, references, and additional resources.

The NVFC and USFA originally teamed up in 1998 to release the first edition of the guide. This second edition has been enhanced with new research and current issues the emergency services face in the 21st century. The NVFC worked with the staff of the Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Services (VFIS) to revise and update the text. A new curriculum based on the guide is also being developed for the NVFC/VFIS Retention and Recruitment Seminar. This training program is offered at state association conferences across the nation. Stay tuned to the NVFC web site for more information on the 2007 training schedule.

Retention and Recruitment for the Volunteer Emergency Services: Challenges and Solutions (Second Edition) is available for free download on the NVFC web site at www.nvfc.org.

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