NVFC: Apply for FP&S Grant to Fund Fire Corps Initiatives

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) FY 2009 Fire Prevention and Safety (FP&S) Grant application period is now open. Help your department apply for funds to support important programs, including the National Volunteer Fire Council’s Fire Corps activities. The application deadline is October 23.

FP&S grants support projects that enhance the safety of the public and firefighters from fire and fire-related hazards. Grants can be used for activities commonly performed by Fire Corps teams, including smoke alarm installation, fire prevention and public safety education campaigns, juvenile fire setter interventions, media campaigns, arson prevention and awareness programs, and department health and safety initiatives.

Dayna Hilton, Public Fire and Life Safety Educator for Johnson County Rural Fire District (RFD) #1 in Clarksville, AR, has successfully written grant applications to help her department secure funding through several grant and award opportunities, including an FP&S grant. Funding received through the FP&S grant has helped the Johnson County RFD #1 Fire Corps improve their program. For example, the program was able to purchase uniform shirts so members are more visible at events, buy supplies and food for members during events and training days, and create/purchase displays and flyers to advertise the Fire Corps program on the local college campus.

According to Hilton, the FP&S grant has been a great resource to the Johnson County program. “The grant funds have helped us grow and cultivate our Fire Corps program and have given us the flexibility to participate in a variety of events so we can enhance and spread the message of fire safety,” she said.

Fire Corps has resources available to your department to assist in implementing your fire prevention campaign. Visit the Fire Corps web site at
www.firecorps.org/prevention for access to resources such as the Home Safety Checklist to assist in conducting home safety checks, free smoke alarms through a partnership with First Alert, and the Getting Started with Firewise toolkit to help protect property and natural resources from the threat of wildland fires.

Learn more about the FP&S grant and apply at
www.firegrantsupport.com/fps. DHS has released the FP&S Program Guidance and an applicant tutorial to help with the preparation and submittal of competitive applications as well as provide an overview of the fire prevention funding priorities and evaluation criteria. The application period closes on October 23, so start the process now to apply for funds for your Fire Corps activities.

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