NY Volunteer Firefighter Being Eaten Alive by Bacteria

A volunteer firefighter on Long Island, New York, is fighting for his life against a flesh-eating bacteria.

According to WABC (http://bit.ly/T3qiwX), nine days ago Ralph Lettieri, a lieutenant in East Patchogue, was a healthy and strong 26-year-old volunteer firefighter. He developed a painful bump on his left knee; despite being given antibiotics, the bump didn’t go away. He was subsequently admitted to Brookhaven Hospital for necrotizing fasciitis flesh-eating bacteria.

Lettieri’s father said Ralph has had six surgeries in three days. The doctors apparently were forced to remove more and more of his skin and flesh to try and stay ahead of the bacteria. Lettieri has reportedly been put into a medically induced coma.

Read more about this tragic case at http://bit.ly/T3qiwX.


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