Nyack Host to New York Fire Patrol

Nyack Host to New York Fire Patrol

About fifty members of the New York Fire Patrol were guests of the Nyack, N. Y., patrol, one of the few volunteer salvage corps in that district. The invitation was extended as part of the program of the parade and inspection of the Nyack fire department, and thirty-five companies with their bands were represented from New Jersey and Connecticut.

In the evening, under the direction of Chief Harry S. Jones, the public witnessed a fine display of fireworks.

The department fittingly observed Fire Prevention Week by arranging for a gathering addressed by T. Alfred ITemtng of the National Board of Fire Underwriters; Capt. Win. Paul Babcock was chairman of the committee of arrangements. Lacking any appropriations to defray the expenses, the seals of the N. F. P. A., were sold to the public at a profit. The N. F. P. A. booklet on the dangers of home dry cleaning and the “Story of Fire Prevention Week” were distributed at the meeting.

Fremont, Ohio, Apparatus Condemned—The fire apparatus of Fremont, Ohio, has been condemned as obsolete and inefficient by the city officials and members of the Ohio Inspection Bureau.

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