Oakland Gets Fireboat

Oakland Gets Fireboat

The City of Oakland, Calif., has its first, and only fireboat, acquired from the Navy by the Port of Oakland. The boat went into commission May 28, 1948, following indoctrination of the city’s crews that man the vessel.

The new fireboat “Hoga” is berthed at the foot of Broadway and is a standard steel Navy-type fireboat, measuring 199 ft. length, 271/2 ft. beam and ft. draft. It is capable of 15 knots with two 650 H.P. diesel engines. It has two 2,000 GPM pumps with four monitors and 12 hose outlets. It is reported that plans will be worked out to increase the 4,000 GPM pumping capacity to 10,000 GPM. The boat was built on the Atlantic Coast in 1940 and commissioned in 1941. Navy officers report it took part in quelling the fires during the Pearl Harbor attack.

At present the fireboat is being maintained and operated in a co-operative arrangement between the city and the Port of Oakland, whereby the port commissioners agreed to prepare a berth for the vessel and a house to accommodate the crew, as well as to carry out the alterations to increase the pumping capacity. In addition, the board defrays the salaries of the marine crew of the vessel comprising pilot, relief pilot, engineer and relief engineer, and to defray cost of maintenance and for complete marine coverage.

The city on the other hand, will defray the cost of the fire department crew to work the vessel, to comprise one fire captain, a lieutenant and ten hosemen with vacations and relief, and also pay for fuel and lubrication.

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