Ex-Chief David J. O’Neill

Ex-Chief David J. O’Neill, Ridgewood, N. J.

David John O’Neill, former chief of the fire department of Ridgewood, N. J., and later of the plant fire department of the Chickasaw Shipbuilding Company, Chickasaw, Ala., died of apoplexy, on Monday, December 8, 1919. at the residence of his son, Dr. Addison O’Neill, of Datona, Fla. Chief O’Neill, about six months ago, suffered a complete physical breakdown, and was compelled to relinquish his post with the Chickasaw Company at that time. He then took up his residence with his son, but never regained his old time vigor. Chief O’Neill was 73 years old, having been born on August 23, 1846, at Albany, N. Y. The funeral services were held in Datona, and the interment was in Pinewood Cemetery, Datona Beach, at which Masonic services were held, the chief having been a Mason.

Ex-Chief Charles F. Arcularius

Charles F. Arcularius, the first chief of the Fire Department of Orange, N. J., died December 11, at his home in that city. He was a member of the New York Fire Department in 1852, and later served with the New York volunteers in the civil war. Mr. Arcularius was 85 years old at the time of his death.

Wakefield, Mass., has declined to raise the firemen’s salaries at this time, for financial reasons.

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