Chief Robert W. Little

Chief Robert W. Little Jr., who retired from the York, Pa., Fire Department in 1976, died July 22 at the age of 57 after a long illness. In the fire service for 30 years, Chief Little started as a volunteer fire fighter in 1946, and became the first volunteer of Lincoln Engine Co. 9 to become a paid fire fighter. In 1960 he was appointed assistant chief, the first time in the fire department’s history that a paid fire fighter made a chief officer position.

When he retired in 1976 after 13 years as chief, he had served three terms on the board of directors of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. He then joined Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Services Inc.

Chief Little was known for developing a wide-range fire prevention system for business, individuals and industry, and for setting up a training program for fire fighters, and a microfilm system for fire fighters to familiarize themselves with building floor plans.




Leo V. Martin

Leo V. Martin, fire chief for Reynolds Electrical & Engineering Co., Inc., chief contractor for the Department of Energy Nevada test site, died May 27. He was 56.

Martin had been at the site since 1951, beginning as a volunteer in the fire department. He became fire chief in 1952, and served until June 1980.

Steven B. Campbell

Deputy Chief Steven B. Campbell, who retired from the Atlanta Fire Department in 1974 after 42 years of service, died last March 26 after a long illness.

He was instrumental in writing the “Prompt to Action” histories of the department, which were published in 1960 and updated in 1975. Chief Campbell also established the fire department library at Station 7.