In Case You Missed It: October 2016 Fire Engineering Features

Check out a roundup of Web-exclusive firefighter training articles and videos from Fire Engineering, including pieces on firefighters and violence, succession planning for volunteer fire departments, and rapid intervention, among others.

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Mayday Monday: Saving a Firefighter Who Has Fallen Below Grade

Today’s Mayday Monday drill reviews the technique a crew can use to rescue one of their own if he or she falls below grade.

The Professional Volunteer Fire Department, Part 27—Succession Planning

Properly preparing a member for a new position on both the administrative and firematic side of the organization is a responsibility that is shared among all officers, writes Thomas A. Merrill.

Humpday Hangout: Scenes of Violence

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, P.J. Norwood and Frank Ricci will be joined by Assistant Chief Eddie Buchanan of the Hanover (VA) Fire and EMS and Rick McGhee, the founder of the ARES Self Defense System.

Training Minutes: Door Control with Webbing

In this Training Minutes video on engine company operations, Ray McCormack and company share a practical tip for the door firefighter in maintaining door control and advancing the attack line.

Construction Concerns: Construction Site Response

For his new Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel looks at construction sites, where responses are common enough that you need to be aware of their potential hazards that are unlikely to exist elsewhere.

The Professional Volunteer Fire Department: Becoming a Better Firefighter

Tom Merrill of the Snyder (NY) Fire Department, author of “The Professional Volunteer Fire Department” column on Fire Engineering, shares some thoughts on how volunteer firefighters can get some additional training time while at the station.

How RIT Can You Get?

The basic concepts of RIT should be ingrained in every firefighter at the earliest possible opportunity in their training along with the basics of firefighter safety and survival, writes David L. Haines.

The East Ohio Gas Explosion: Cleveland, 1944

 In 1944, an explosion severely damages a city’s industrial and transporation center. But it’s not war-related sabotage–it’s a gas plant explosion in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ottawa Fire Services Establishes Operational Guide for First-Arriving Company Officers

The Ottawa Fire Services established an operational guide for first-arriving company officers. Learn about the guide’s origins and download a copy for review or adaptation by your department.

Humpday Hangout: Stretching the First Line

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, hosts Rick Lasky and Terry McGrath as they discuss the topic “stretching the first line” with their guests, Jerry Wells and Jeremy Porter.

Engine Company EMS: Living or Dead?

A rapid assessment of the patient, including signs of death, greatly improves your delivery of the bad news to survivors, writes Michael Morse.

Training Minutes: Band Saw Use for Rescue

In this new Training Minutes video on technical rescue, Ray Griffin and Mark Gregory discuss the application of the band saw in rescue situations.

Brock Archer’s Extrication Minutes: Electric Latches

In his latest video, Brock Archer explains how to gain access to vehicles that use electric latches.

Solar Power 101 and the Fire Service

Jeff Simpson has a refresher on some of the dangers firefighters may face when dealing with residential solar power installations.

Miami-Dade Extrication Team Heads to Brazil

Miami-Dade (FL) Fire Rescue’s extrication team is traveling to Brazil next week to compete in the World Championships. This is a quick montage of Team BlackHearts last practice before leaving on Monday.

Effect Change the Right Way

Change must be effected in our fire service in a positive way. It is not always needed, but when it is, you must have a direction for your motivated members to follow, writes Dominic Magagnini.

Fire Blog Roundup: Honor Guards, Succession Planning, and Titles

The recent National Fallen Firefighters Memorial weekend honored 112 fallen members and their families, and regular contributor Ron Kanterman shared a guest post from Jim McLoughlin, a longtime member of the honor guard for thie ceremony.

Throw Back to Basics: Roof Vent with Ax

Brian Zaitz asks, We often associate vertical ventilation with saw cuts in the roof, but what happens when the saw doesn’t start or it fails in the middle of the cut?  

Collapse Zones, Voids, and Sector Discipline at Large Fires

Joseph Pronesti focuses on two line-of-duty deaths that occured in Kansas City, Missouri, in October 2015 to help examine buildings of type III construction, the hazards of concealed spaces, and the ability of your department to deliver competent and trained sector officers.   

Training Minutes: Modified Dash Lift

In this Training Minutes video on advanced vehicle extrication, Fishers (IN) Battalion Cheif Clinton Crafton and company demonstrate a modified dashboard lift technique for vehicle extrication.

Extrication Minutes: Inflation Cylinders

In this video on vehicle extrication, Brock Archer discusses air bag inflators and advises as to when and how to cut them safely.

Construction Concerns: Bridge Cranes

For his latest Construction Concerns, Gregory Havel takes a look at bridge cranes, which are commonly found in many manufacturing and equipment repair facilities.

FDNY Firefighters Killed by Cancer Honored at NFFF Memorial Service

24 firefighters killed by 9/11 cancer recognized at national service for the first time.

National Memorial Service Salutes Fallen Firefighters

Commitment, pride, courage and compassion highlighted among sacrifice and honor at the National Fire Academy.

Being a Young Officer—from a Young Officer

Once you take that front seat, it is no longer about playing with the siren and air horn; you become responsible for every person in that rig with you, writes Dale Eriksen.

Fire Service History on Display at Parade

Glenn Corbett shares some details about fire service parades of yore.

Video: Balloon-Frame Construction

Jason Hoevelmann of Engine House Training shared a tutorial video on firefighting concerns in balloon-frame construction.

Share Your Fire Scene Challenges To Avoid Chaos

It is impossible to be an effective fire scene leader and manager in the IC position if you believe that you can account for your firefighters and effectively address the challenges of the scene and not delegate scene jobs and scene locations, writes Roger Lunt.

Humpday Hangout: Preparing for a Promotional Process/Exam

In this week’s Humpday Hangout, join Brad French, Steve Pegram, and their guests as they discuss preparing for a promotional process/exam.   

Training Minutes: Door Control and Interior Firefighting

In this episode of Training Minutes, Sean Gray is joined by Los Angeles County (CA) Captain Chad Christensen, who explains his department’s approach to door control with a three-firefighter engine company performing interior firefighting operations.

Firefighter Close-Proximity Communication Through Nonverbal Methods

Beyond the insurmountable task of persuading any government agency to require a common language for firefighting, we must look at alternate ways to communicate firefighting operations effectively with non-English-speaking first responders, writes John Checco.

The Battalion TV: California Department Builds Water Rescue Capabilities

The Calaveras (CA) Consolidated Fire District, which is located in the foot hills of the Serra Mountains in Northern California, is looking to assemble a very necessary water rescue team. Watch a new episode from The Battalion TV>

Mayday Monday: Size-Up

Tony Carroll has a company-level drill you can conduct by making the most out of the real estate section of your local newspaper.

Dispatchers: LODD Command and Control

Commentary by Billy Goldfeder, Fire Engineering and FDIC Advisory Board Member

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