Officer Rank Open to Fire Fighters

Officer Rank Open to Fire Fighters

Civilians, possessing either professional or technical qualifications which are critically essential and immediately adaptable to the needs of the Army, may get direct appointments in the Officers’ Reserve Corps according to a new policy outlined on August 13 by the Department of the Army.

Commissioning of specialists is intended to provide a continuing source of officers experienced in fields in which it is not feasible or economical for the Army to give training. The establishmem of standards under the new policy now opens the way for those who previously applied for direct commission in specialist fields to resubmit their applications.

Such specialties as Fire Prevention and Extinguishment, various branches of engineering, motion picture production, printing and submarine diving, are ineluded in a list of seventy-five varied fields.

Individuals, without prior military service, will be required to meet, within a reasonable length of time, the minimum military training requirements established to maintain a commission in the grade and section in which appointed, and in their mobilization assignment.

In addition to specific schooling or experience in any of the above fields, applicants for direct appointments must be at least twenty-one years old, citizens of the United States by birth or naturalization, must have an Army intelligence score of 110 or higher, physically qualified, with some waivers, and at least a bachelor’s degree. Some special fields require only a high school education or equivalent preparatory school education.

Age maximums and educational or experience minimums are: second lieutenants, 30 years with 4 years college or experience; first lieutenants, 33 years with 7 years college or experience; captains, 37 years with at least 11 years college or experience; majors, 45 years, with at least 16 years college or experience; lieutenant colonels, 51 years, with at least 21 years college or experience; and colonels, 55 years, with at least 26 years college or experience.

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