Officers of Massachusetts Chiefs’ Club

Officers of Massachusetts Chiefs’ Club

At a meeting of the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Massachusetts held at the Parker House, Boston, May 21, the following were elected officers of the organization:

President, Chief Selden R. Allen, Brookline; First Vice-President, Chief Alfred L. Mead, Quincy; Second Vice-President, Chief Frank Tracy, Woburn; Secretary-Treasurer, Ex-Chief F. Burt Jacquith, Randolph; Directors, Ex-Chief Daniel F. Sennott, Boston, Ex-Chief H. Howard Upham, Needham, Ex-Chief John E. Sullivan, Plymouth, Chief Thomas H. Mahoney, Westfield, and Chief Charles L. McCarthy, Worcester; Auditors, Chief Thomas Qualey, Medford, Chief David De Coursey, Winchester, and Chief Daniel B. Tierney, Arlington; Sergeant-atArms, Chief David De Coursey, Winchester, and George F. Cobb, Boston, Traffic Manager.

Pumper Delivered to Lebanon, Pa.—A Mack pumper has been delivered to Lebanon, Pa.

Hampton Bays, N. Y., May Have Department—The American Legion is attempting to establish a volunteer fire department in Hampton Bays, N. Y.

Pottesville, Pa., Firemen Injured in Crash—Two fire companies of Pottsville, Pa., crashed while responding to a fire from different directions. Apparatu valued at $25,000 was badly damaged.

Richmond, Va., to Add 31 Boxes—Thirty-one fire alarm boxes will be added to the fire alarm system of Richmond, Va. This installation will raise the total of boxes in service to 447.

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