Officers of New England Water Works Association


Officers of New England Water Works Association

The nominating committee of the New England Water Works Association has named the following officers to be elected for the ensuing year:

For president, J. Waldo Smith, chief engineer, board of water supply, New Vork. N. Y.

For vice-presidents, Frank A. Mclnnes, division engineer, sewer and water division, public works department, Boston, Mass.; Leonard Metcalf, consulting civil engineer, Boston, Mass.; William F. Sullivan, engineer and superintendent, Bennichuck water works, .Nashua, N. H.; Millard F. Hicks, treasurer Portland water district, Portland, Me.; Caleb M. Saville, chief engineer, board of water commissioners, Hartford, Conn.; Samuel A. Agnew, superintendent Scituate water works, North Scituate, Mass.

For additional members of executive committee, George A. Stacy, superintendent water works, Marlboro, Mass.; James L. Tighe, consulting hydraulic engineer, Holyoke, Mass.; James W. Blackmar, superintendent water works, Beverly, Mass.

For secretary, Willard Kent, civil engineer, Narragansett Pier, R, I.

F’or treasurer, Lewis M. Bancroft, superintendent water works, Reading, Mass.

For editor, Richard K. Hale, chief engineer, Boston, Mass.

For advertising agent, George A. King, superintendent water works, Taunton, Mass.

F’or finance committee, Albert L. Sawyer, water register, Haverhill, Mass.; John W. Moran, superintendent water works, Gloucester, Mass.; John C. Chase, consulting engineer, Derry, N. H.

The nominating committee consists of John C. Whitney, Frank A. Barbour, Arthur F. Ballou, Frederick W. Gow, Robert J. Thomas.