Officers of the Augusta Fire Department

Officers of the Augusta Fire Department

Chief John B. Kennedy, Augusta Fire Department

With the appointment of John B. Kennedy on February 2, as chief of the Augusta, Ga., fire department, after a competitive examination, as announced at the time in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, the full quota of officers has been filled. Chief Kennedy was a probationer on February 21, 1916. After serving his six months of probation, he was elected a regular private in August, 1916. Two years and a month after that date, he was elected assistant captain, after winning out in a competitive examination. Four years he served as an assistant captain and was elevated to the full rank in February 1922. He was named acting chief on October 26, shortly after the death of the late Chief Frank G. Reynolds, in which capacity he served until the results of the examination were announced, making him chief.

Assistant Chief William P. Battle has been on the department for 37 years, entering the service January 28, 1888. He was made assistant foreman of the hook and ladder company in January, 1901, and promoted to captain of the chemical engine company January 9, 1904. He was elected second assistant chief January 7, 1911, and assistant chief January 11, 1913. During the illness of the late Chief Reynolds, Assistant Chief Battle acted as chief with credit to himself and the department. Following the death of Chief Reynolds, he was again made acting chief, but requested the commission to appoint another acting chief and allow him to hold his rating as assistant chief, which was done.

Second Assistant Chief James M. Long, who was elected to his present grade when city council added it again to the department, was promoted to this rank from the captaincy. Chief Long entered the department as a substitute October 5, 1901 and was made a regular private May 15, 1903. He was elected assistant, captain February 15, 1911. and given the rank of full captain August 7, 1911. He was elevated to his present rank January 1, 1925.

First Asst. Chief William P. Battle;Second Asst. Chief James M. Long,Secretary James D. Wiseman, Augusta Fire Department

Secretary James D. Wiseman whose job it is to make and preserve the records of the department, is also a man of long service, having served since 1901. His qualifications for the position of secretary were recognized soon after he became connected with the department and he served as a private fireman only until September. 1902, when he was made secretary. He has held the position continuously until now, with the exception of a short period, when he served as acting chief, after the death of Chief Reynolds and the request of Chief Battle for relief. Mr. Wiseman, however, advised the commission that he too chose to hold his former position, rather than assume the duties of chief, and his wishes were respected. It was after this action by Mr. Wiseman that the present chief was appointed as acting chief.

Among the recommendations in the annual report of Chief John B. Kennedy, issued when he was acting chief are suggestions for the replacement of old hydrants which have been in service for forty years with modern two-way units. He also recommended several extensions of water mains, the addition of ten new fire alarm boxes, and the installation of an independent telephone system for the department so that all calls for the various stations would go through headquarters.

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