Officers, Southeastern Pennsylvania Firemen

Officers, Southeastern Pennsylvania Firemen

The officers elected at the annual convention of the South-eastern Pennsylvania Firemen’s Association recently were as follows: President. John E. Shupp, Steelton; first vice-

president, James B. Aumen, Gettysburg; second vice-president, John F. Young, York; third vice-president, G. W. Lutz, Harrisburg; fourth vice-president, Samuel Andes, East Petersburg; secretary, J. I.. Redman, Harrisburg; treasurer, J. Jauss, Harrisburg; trustee, Jacob E. Weaver, York.

The members from Franklin County, which had been included in the association, will lie admitted at the next quarterly meeting, which occurs in Gettysburg in January.

Port Jefferson, N. Y., Appoints Chief—The fire department of Port Jefferson. N. Y., has appointed William E. F. Mueller as chief.

Scranton, Pa., Tests New Fire Apparatus—In the presence of Chief Peter J. Rosar of the fire department of Scranton, Pa„ representatives of tin National Board of Fire Underwriters and Charles Wetzel of the Ameriean-LaFrance Fire Engine Company, the new pumper purchased by the city was given an official test at Lake Scranton on November 10. The pumper met all requirements and it was afterwards placed ir. commission at Engine No. 1.

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