Official Notices.

Official Notices.



City 0/London, Ontario, on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 28th andagth 1883. $2000, IN PRIZES.

The Grand Parade will form on the Market Square, at 1 P. M., on Tuesday, 28th, and after a short march through the principle streets, will proceed to the Exhibition Grounds, where the programme of games will be carried out, commencing at 3 P. M., sharp.



  1. INTERNATIONAL HOSE Rack.—Open to all. Dry Run. Distance 200 yards to Hydrant Connect and lay 300 feet of Hose, break coupling and attach pipe. Cart or carriage must carry 330 feet of 3 or 4-ply rubber or cotton, or 400 feet of linen or canvas aj£ inch service hose, and must be capable of carrying 500 feet of rubber or cotton, or 600 feet of linen hose, in actual fire service ; screw couplings, eight threads to the inch, all couplings to be made with two and a half full turns. Pipe to be not less than x8 inches long and weigh not less than 3 pounds. Hose, couplings and pipe to be examined before and after running, and when time is called (after all connections are made) all contestants must fall back and allow the Judges to examine the same without obstruction or interference. The number of men running shall not exceed 15, and ail must start together and be on the ropes or reel except the Commander and two others. Drawing for pcsition will take place on the morning of the race. No harness to assist runners allowed. Reels must be pulled by hand.
  2. CANADIAN COMPANIES’ HOSE Rack.—Conditions same as International Race, except that the Committee will furnish the cart and hose; the cart to weigh not less than 400 pounds, and the hose to be rubber or cotton, reel to carry 350 feet. Open to Canadian companies only. Any Canadian company winning an International prize will be barred from participating in this race.
  3. HOOK ANO LADDER Rack.—Open to all. Distance 300 yards. Raise 30-foot ladder to an angle of 60 degrees. Man to ascend to the top from the ground at or beyond the terminus of the 300 yards run. Time to be called when he grasps lop rung. Not more than men allowed to run, who must ail accept three be on ropes or truck and start together.
  4. BEST UNIFORMED Company.—Regulation uniform. Not less than 20 men to be in uniform.
  5. BAND Contest.—Firemen’s band. The contestants in this class must be all bona-fide members of the Department or Company they accompany, and must be in uniform, and must furnish a certificate from their Chief or the Clexk of the municipality to that effect.
  6. BAND Contest.—Open to any bands accompanying Firemen. (7th and 13th bands excluded.)
  7. xoo YARDS FOOT Race.—In heats. To start from pistol shot, xst prize, cash ; ad do., silvex cup. ‘
  8. BEST DRILLED FIRS Company.—Not less than 24 men to appear in line. In uniform. Each company must inarch on to the drill grounds within five minutes of the time of giving the signal. Twenty minutes will be allowed for drill, and when the signal for breaking off is given, the company must be immediately marched off the parade ground. The parade ground will be staked out and marks erected to designate the boundaries. Companies may drill with or without music. The general appearance, style and training or movements of contestants will be an element in making the awards. Style of uniform will not be considered. As no standard for these drills has been adopted by Fireman, the Judges will How the greatest latitude of movements to all participating in the drill, reserving the right to criticise in detail all such movements. General appearance, proficiency of movements and beating will be the principal basis of the awards. Three or more companies must compete in this class. Drawing for position or order of driU will take place on the morning of the 28th.
  9. STEAMER Tests.—Steamers must start with not less than two guages of cold water. Engines throwing the longest distance horizontally through 200 feet of hose, nozzle not less than 1 inches in diameter, to be awarded the prizes. Time to count from first appearance of smoke from smoke stack. In case of hose bursting five minutes will be allowed for replacing the same.
  10. xo. STEAMER Rack.—Distance one mile. Hub and hub. Only two horses allowed. Must carry Driver, Engineer and Fireman, and throw water. Engines must weigh not less than tons.
  11. MANUAL ENGINE Race.—Comphnies to run 200 yards, lay 150 feet of leading hose, attach pipe and show first water through one-inch nozzle. All engines to class alike. Any number of men allowed to run, but must be in Firemen’s uniform. Time, or hub and hub race, as the Judges may determine on day of race.
  12. COMPANY WITH LARGEST NUMBER OP MEN IN Uniform.—In Grand Parade, xst, cash ; 2d, s.lver water pitcher.
  13. COMPANIES COMING LONGEST Distance.—By most direct route. Company must not be less than 15 strong, and be clothed in uniform.
  14. BEST DISPLAY OF FIRE APPARATUS AND Supplies.—Gold and siiver medals.

BATTERY Competition.—No Battery to send more than two Gun Detachments. The whole of the guns to be dismounted together under command of an officer, to be hereafter who will give the command, “ dismount guns and carriages.” All other commands o be given by officer in command of detachment. The firing of a tube or round of ammunition on completion of the dismount and mount will decide the first prize, and the second round fired will decide the second prize. All detachments to be in uniform and take part in the grand parade.

BICYCLE Race.—Open to all. Five miles. Cup and medal, value $50 and $20, respectfully.

  1. BICYCLE Race.—Open to all. One mile. Gold and silver medals, value, $20 and $10, respectfully.
  2. FAT MEN’S RACK.-IOO yards. Open to all. Weight 220 pounds or over.
  3. FAT WOMEN’S Rack.—roo yards. Open to all. Weight, 200 pounds or .over, xst prize, cash ; 2d do., silver cruet.
  4. OFFICERS’ Race.—100 yards. Open to all officers of the Fire Department.
  5. TUG OF War.—For Firemen only. Not less than 10 men on the side. Best two out of three. If more than three teams compete the captains will draw for their opponents The winners of heats to pull with each other to decide for prizes. Only one pull allowed in final heat. Five men must be pulled.over the line, in every case.


In contests numbering as x, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, xi, x6 and 17 there must be four entries and three competitors. In all others three must enter and compete. The Executive Committee will appoint all judges and others conducting competitions, and will have power to alter or add other regulations to these, it considered necessary, or upon the request of judges or contestants. They will pay all prizes in accordance with reports of the Judges, who decisions shall be final, except in cases where by mutual consent of both Judges and Contestants, the question at issue may be referred to the Executive Committee for final settlement.

Each Captain or Foreman of companies contesting for prizes must furnish a certificate signed by the Chief ol his Depaitment, or Clerk of Municipality, showing that said company is a regularly organized, Fire Company, and that each member thereof has been a bona fide one for at least 30 days prior to date of contest.

Any company or contestant making use of any unfair or dishonorable methods or tricks in order to obtain an undue advantage or win any prize, or who uses insulting or profane language, or who is guilty of conduct unbecoming a gentleman and Fireman, shall be debarr.d by the judges from participating in any further contests during this Tournament.

Entries for all competitions must be made with the Secretary of Committee on or before the 21st day of August. Entrance fees will be levied as follows, viz.:—International Hose Race, $5 ; Hook and Ladder Races, $2 ; Canadian Hose Race, $2 ; 100 Yards Open Race, $2 ; Battery Competition, $2 ; Bicyle .3 Mile Race, $2 ; do. x Miie, $1 ; Steam Engine Test, $2 ; do. Hub and Hub Race, $2 ; Manual Engine Race, $1 ; Band Contests, $3 each.

All contestants must be respectably clothed in garments fully covering their persons, and to the satisfaction of the Judges in their respective clasees.

Special Hotel Rates for Firemen and Bands have been secured by the Committee, who will issue tickets good for one meal each day. This will give accommodation at 75 cents, $4.25 and $1.75 day. Printed forms will be sent to officers of companies, which if answered and returned to the Secretary of this Committee by the 20th of August will insure accommodation for all. The committee will endeavor to meet the wishes of every company attending, but unless these applications or forms are returned by the above date they will consider that companies have provided for themselves.

Railway rates of one cent per mile both ways, on G. T. Railway and all its branches have already been secured, but the committee are negotiating for further reduction, with good prospects of success. Firemen’s apparatus will be carried free. Visiting Firemen from the United States will be required to make rates for themselves to points of connection with G. T. Railway, Canada Southern and Credit Valley Railways, of Canada, as they can do so to better advantage, than this committee. The two latter roads connect with London, via Grand Trunk Railway at St. Thomas and Ingersoil. As soon as lowest rates on Canadian Railways are settled, special posters, giving list of stations and fares will be distributed. Several towns have already fixed their Civic Holiday for one of the days of this demonstration, and others are arranging to do so.


President. Secretary 0/ Committee.


KINGSTON, A ugust 8.

The Foremen of each company who intend taking part in the grand parade and review at Kingston on the 24th of August, are requested to send to the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Kingston Fire Department, the blank statement mailed to them, and to have the same properly filled up. The Committee desire to make up the line of march, and to assign companies their positions at an early day. If any company have not received such blank, one will be mailed on application. WALLACE H. SMITH,

Secretary Executive Committee.



CINCINNATI, A ugust 1, 1883. J

The Eleventh Annual Convention of the National Association of Fire Engineers will be held in the city of New Orleans, La., commencing Wednesday, October 24, 1883, at 12 M.

The chief officer or representative of each Fire Department in the United States and Canada is cordially invited to attend. Special invitation is also extended to Boards of Fire Commissioners and representatives of Insurance Companies to be present.

Inventors and manufacturers of all kinds of apparatus for the extinguishment of fires will be afforded every facility for the exhibition of their several inventions which they may desire to display, and they are cordially invited to be present. Due notice will be given regarding rates of transportation.

JOSEPH BUNKER, President, Cincinnati, O.

HENRY A. HILLS, Secretary Cincinnati, O.


KINGSTON, A ugust ax, 22, 23, 24.

To Firemen—Greeting: The success that attended the competitive drill of Fire Companies, at the Convention of last year, has induced this Committee to increase the interest in drilling by offering three prizes, instead of two, for competion. Great care has been exercised in the selection of these prizes, with a view towards making them appropriate ornaments for the rooms of the victorious companies they are to adorn. They will be designated as First, Second and Third Prizes:

FIRST Prize—Massive French Antique Brass Clock Set with Side Ornaments.

SECOND Prize—Silver Water Set, mounted.

THIRD Prize—Silver Fire Trumpet 0/the latest design.

Entries in this competitive drill will close August 10, and notification of entry must be sent to Wallace H. Smith, Secretary of this Committee, on or before that date.

Upon the close of entries the drawing for place will occur. This drawing will decide the order in which the Companies will be called for drill, number one to be called first. All participants will be fairly treated.

When the drawing is completed, each Company participating will be immediately notified of the place assigned them ; also the time of day they will be called, and each Company must be on hand to the minute of such call.

The drill will take place in the morning of the day of parade and preceding the same. Companies taking part will be transported free to and from the place of drill, so that no fatigue other than the drill will be experienced.

The following gentlemen have consented to act as judges:


No standard tactics having been adopted by the Fire Companies, great latitude will be allowed to all Companies participating in this drill, general perfection in appearance, bearing and movements will be considered as a basis of award.

Fraternally yours,


Committee on Competitive Drill.

KINGSTON, July 23, 1883.

KINGSTON, July 26, 1883,

The Secretary of the Kingston Fire Department desires to inform the Firemenaand Fire Companies throughout the State that he has instructed to send every Company a copy of all invitations issued by him, and so far as he is informed it has been done. If, however, any Company has not received either of the invitations as published in this paper, and inform Wallace H. Smith, Kingston, of the fact, he will gladly send one. It is hoped that no Company will stay away from the next meeting at Kingston on account of not having received a formal invitation. All are invited.

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