IT is with many thanks to the Local Committee having charge of the convention programme at the City of Montreal, that we are permitted at this time to publish the order of exercises and disposition of time from day to day.

National Association of the Fire Engineers. Programme for the 22(1 Annual Convention of the National Association of h ire Engineers, at Montreal, August 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th, 1894.

TI KSDAV, 14th, 12 noon.—The opening meeting of the Convention will be held at noon in the Windsor Concert 11 all,adjoining the hotel. Addresses of welcome will be delivered by the Hon. J. A. Chaplcau, I.ieutenant Covet nor of the Province of (Quebec, J. O. Villeneuve, Ksq.. M. P. 1, Mayor of Montreal, and others.

1 or 1:15 r. m.—Adjourn for lunch. : -.30 p.m.—Meeting for business in tlie Ladies Ordinary until 6 r. M. 7:30 l*. M. — Meeting for business until9:30. 9:30 i*.m.—Th* Highland Cadets will give an exhibition drill opposite the hotel.

WKDNKSDAY, 15th, 9 A. m.—Meeting for business until 12:45 I’.M. 2:30 l’. M Pleasure drive through the principal streets of the city and through Mount Royal Park, to the top of the mountain. 8 M.—A grand musical entertainment will lxgiven in Sohmer Park, corner Notre Dame and Panet streets, by Mons. 1-avinge’s military band, the finest musical artists in Canada.

T ilt KSI»AY, ihrii, 9 A. M. — Meeting for business until 1 i m. 2 r M. — Muster at Honaventure Depot, (1. T. R., and take the special train for Lachine. The steamer Bohemian will then convey party across to Caughnawaga, and after shooting the Lachine Rapids will proceed further down the river as far as Varennes.

I ea will be served on board. On the way up (weather permitting), the party will land at Boucherville, and there witness one of the grandest illuminated aquatic spectacles ever seen on this side of the Atlantic. This is organized and managed by the “ Reunion “ Club of Boucherville.

1*KIIAY, 17TH, A. M. – Meeting for business until 12.30 2 i’. M.— Parade of Montreal Eire Department on the Champ-de-Mars, in rear of City Hall and Court House, after which an exhibition will be given of several valuable inventions for tire extinguishment. 7 3° M.—Closing business meeting.

The free exhibition of tire appliances in the Victoria Skating Rink, (in rear of the Windsor), open every day of the convention from 8,30 A. M.

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