WYOMING, OHIO, February, 1894.

The time is rapidly approaching for our Twenty-second Annual Convention to be held in Montreal, Canada, in August.

The officers are desirous to make this meeting the largest and most interesting yet held, and ask the hearty co-operation of each member in securing the attendance of a chief who has never before met with us, or some one who has not attended for some time; by this means our conventions will be largely attended and our membership greatly increased.

The Executive Committee will soon meet to formulate plans and prepare a program for the convention. You are requested to forward to the Secretary any subject you would desire to have discussed at our meeting. Often questions arise regarding matters (not personal) pertaining to the working and management of your department. Let us bring these before our meeting and discuss them, that all may be benefited. Do not feel because you are a new member, or that you have only a small department under your charge, that you had rather let the older ones talk, but come and let your voice be heard. The object of our conventions are to discuss all matters pertaining to fire prevention and extinguishment.

Let each member do his duty, and we will see at Montreal, on the second Tuesday in August, the largest and most interesting convention we ever held.

Please send all communications regarding the above as early as possible to the Secretary, at Wyoming, Ohio.

I). J. Swenie, Chicago, Ill., A. P. Leshure, Springfield, Mass., J. F. Pelletier, Kansas City, Mo., Geo. W. Taylor, Richmond, Va., M. E. Higgins, Albany, N. Y., J. H. Brown, Jersey City, N. J,, Geo. Knofflock, Mansfield, O., Executive Committee. James Foley, President, Milwaukee, Wis.; D. C. Larkin, Treasurer, Dayton, Ohio.; Henry A. Hills, Secretary, Wyoming, O.






CINCINNATI, July, 1886.

DEAR SIR: The fourteenth annual convention of the National Association of Fire En gineers will be held in the City of Providence, R. I., commencing Tuesday, August 24, 1886, at 12 o’clock M.

The chief officers, representatives of each fire department, and Superintendent of Insurance and fire patrol in the United States and Canada, are cordially invited to atttend.

Special invitations to Boards of Fire Commissioners and representatives of insurance com* panies to be present.

Important matters relative to the prevention and extinguishment of fire will be brought before the convention, and chiefs of every fire department in the country should make an extra effort to be present.

Inventors and manufacturers of improved apparatus for extinguishment of fires, and fire escape apparatus, will be afforded every facility for the exhibition of their several inventions, which they are desirous to display.

Let each and every member of the association exert himself to make this meeting the largest and most interesting yet held.

Headquarters will be at the Narragansett Hotel, where rates have been reduced to $3 per

Due notice of railroad rates will be given as soon as arrangements are complete.

THOS. L. WORTH LEY, President, Long Branch, N. J.

HENRY A. HILLS, Secretary, Cincinnati, O.

The following railroads will give one and one-third (1%) rates to delegates attending the convention at Providence, R. I.: Baltimore and Ohio (East of Parkersburg, Bellaire and Wheeling); Baltimore and Potomac ; Bennington and Rutland ; Boston and Albany ; Boston and Lowell; Boston, Hoosac Tunnel and Western ; Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia ; Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh ; Camden and Atlantic; Central Vermont; Delaware and Hudson Canal Co.; Delaware, Lackawanna and Western ; Fijchburg; Grand Trunk; Lehigh Valley ; New York Central and Hudson River; New York, Lake Erie and Western; New York, Ontario and Western; Norfolk and Western; Northern Central; Pennsylvania (except locally between Philadelphia and New York); Philadelphia and Erie ; Philadelphia and Reading (except locally between Philadelphia and New York); Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore; Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg ; Shenandoah Valley ; Troy and Boston ; West Jersey ; West Shore.

Certificates have been furnished the secretary, who will mail them to delegates upon application. HENRY A. HILLS, Secretary.




1. On the importance of incorporating fire companies, what are the advantages, if any? Assigned to Fred L. Pierce, Herald, New York City.

а. Fire escapes, to be of aid to firemen in case of fire, give explanation of the one thought most practical. Assigned to Clifford Thomson, JOURNAL, New York City.

3. Give plan for building for u«e as headquarters for firs apparatus, consisting of not less than one engine, hook and ladder truck, two hose carriages and one chemical engine ; also include best arrangement for care of hose, to be used by volunteer firemen. Assigned to F. W. Hyde, Jamestown, N. Y.

4. Is a salvage corps to be included in a first-class fire department ? How should the same be equipped ? Assigned to Chief Rumsey, Seneca Falls, N. Y.

5. Water-works for fire purposes, how best to be furnished—by municipal or private corporations? Assigned to O. N. Crane, Canandaigua, N. Y.

б. Hose racing and prize drilling, are they of any practical benefit to our firemen ? Give reasons for or against. Assigned to F. E. Plumb, Cortland, N. Y.

7. As fully one-half the fire loss of our country is credited to incendiarism or cause unknown, would it not be well for the State to limit insurance to two-thirds value of property insured ? Assigned to Edmund Hasset, Bath, N. Y.

8. What are the special qualifications necessary, that one may be a first-class chief cnenginecr of a fire department ? Assigned to Wm. F. Young, Flushing, L. I.

g. On the importance of educating our firemen to obtain better results from our present fire apparatus ; also include the taking of water by fire engine power lost, friction of delivery, kind of nozzle giving best discharge of water for practical use (not display), advantages of shut-off nozzle, etc. Assigned to E. J. Jewhurst, Auburn, N. Y.

zo. It being an established fact that fire drills in our public schools are of great importance, how shall we, as firemen, proceed to cause their general introduction ? Assigned to H. 8. Coburn, Cooperstown, N. Y.

iz. Villages having fire departments, the importance of dividing the same into fire districts, number to be governed by size of place. Assigned to Fred Hodge, Owego, N. Y.

xa. To insure harmonious and best practical results from tournaments at the annual meetings of this association, should the rules, regulations and governing powers be furnished by members of this association ? Assigned to W. H. Cole, Watertown, N. Y.

Z3. Best method of giving fire alarms in small cities and villages having volunteer firemen. Assigned to George A. Henderson, Corning, N. Y.

Z4. Being provided with an annual order of business, should we not have a daily order of business also ? Assigned to John D. Norris, Garnerville, N. Y.

15. On the importance of having stores, hotels and all buildings of three or more stories in height, when upper floors are used as tenement dwellings, provided with stand-pipes, hose elevators and stationary ladders properly located. Assigned to John S. Damrell, Boston, N. Y.

x6. Public halls, hotels, tenement houses, etc., the importance of having stairways from each floor separate and distinct from each other ; also suitable places of egress from each floor aside from stairways and elevators. Assigned to J. E. Barlow, Horseheads, N. Y.

17. On the importance and necessity of maintaining an interest in fire companies alike by members and the public, how best accomplished ? Assigned to Thomas Honohan, Frankfort, N. Y.



BUFFALO, July 21, z886. )

A circular has heretofore been issued from these headquarters prescribing the Upton’s United States Army tactics as governing all movements of the prize drill. This decision was arrived at by the committee on races and prize drill in the belief that a uniformity would conduce toward a simpler and more satisfactory result in the decision and award of prizes. Since the circular was issued several protests have been received against this decision, and after careful inquiry this association is satisfied that injustice may be done a large number of companies who have been perfecting themselves in a different style of drill; and desiring to favor none, and with no disposition to do anything to prejudice the success or harmony of the coming convention, at the regular meeting, held this evening, it was

Resolved, That this matter prescribing Upton’s United States Army infantry tactics be rescinded, and that no restriction shall be placed on the manner of drill that companies competing may adopt.

Care will be taken in the selection of the judges, and in preparing the schedule of points, that any company drilling in the Upton practice shall be fully protected.

The following list of prises was announced :

PRIZE Drill.—First prize, $300; second prize, $200; third prize, silver water servioe, presented by Sachs, Prudcn & Co., Dayton, O.; fourth prize, nickel plated parlor stove, presented by the Peninsular Stove Works, Buffalo, N. Y.; fifth prize, silver tea service, six pieces, presented by the ‘World’s Soap Manufacturing Company, Buffalo.

HOSE Race.—First prize, $300; second prize, $200; third prize, $100; fourth prize, rating cart, full nickel plated bicycle wheels, presented by Rumsey & Co., Seneca Falls, N. Y.; fifth prize, silver trumpet, presented by T. & E. Dickinson, Buffalo, N. Y.

HOOK AND LADDER Race.-—First prize, $150; second prize,$100; third prize, four solid steel firemen’s axes, presented by the Francis Axe Compauy, Buffalo, N. Y.

HAND ENGINE Contest.—First Prize, $100; second prize, $50.


The fourteenth annual convention of the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York is to be held in this city on August 17,18,19 and 20, 1886. It Is the desire of our local organization, as well as the State Association, that the manufacturers and inventors of fire apparatus of any d scription interest themselves in making an exhibition that will be of benefit to them, and at the same time be an additional attraction for the multitude of visitors that will attend the meeting. Believing that such an exhibition will be advantageous to you in many ways, we invite you to co-operate with us in our efforts in this direction.

We have secured the New York State Arsenal, on Broadway, for this purpose, which affords ample space for displaying the exhibits ; and as it is but a few minutes’ walk from the centre of the city, it will be accessible to the thousands who will take pleasure in examining an exhibition of this kind.

As you will observe by the following, the railroads have offered very liberal inducements to manufacturers of apparatus, and we trust you will take advantage of the same, and assist us in making this the most successful exhibition ever held at any firemen’s convention in this country.



Articles forwarded to the convention of the State Firemen’s Association, to be held at Buffalo, August t7, 18, zg and 20, 1886, will be charged nt tariff rates. They will be returned over the roads in this association, which forwarded them at owner’s risk, free, within thirty days thereafter, to the original forwarders and points of shipment, when accompanied by a certificate of the proper officers of said convention, attached to the manifests therefor, that they arc unsold exhibits thereat.

0. R. BLANCHARD, Commissioner.

C. H. McKNIGHT, Secretary.

The following circular, relative to freight charges on exhibits intended for the State Fire* men’s Association exhibition at Buffalo, in connection with the annual convention, has been received by President Frank M. Baker:



It is hereby announced that on all exhibits forwarded to th? State Firemen’s Convention, to be held at Buffalo ir. August, 1886, full tariff rates will be charged, but trust such exhibits, if unsold and returned within thirty (30) days after the close of the exhibition, will be returned free by the trunk lines who carried the same, upon presentation of a certificate, signed by the proper officers of the exhibition, to the effect that the shipments are unsold exhibits which have paid full tariff rates one way, such certificate to be attached to the manifest of each shipment. N. GUILFORD, Commissioner Freight Department.

C. W. BULLEN, Secretary.




To MaHu/acturers: BOSTON, MASS, August 1,188A I

The committee on exhibits invite you to be present with an exhibit of your goods at the next convention of the association, to be held at Pittsfield, August 31, September 1 and 3, 1886.

Every facility for the exhibition and practical demonstration of the merits of exhibits will be afforded. Ail goods sent by freight will be received by the committee, and, if so desired by the exhibitor, arranged to the best advantage possible.

The association fully realizes that the exhibits of apparatus and supplies is one of the essential points which is necessary to make its convention successful, and the uttermost attention will be given to your exhibit,as well as ample time allowed you to fully explain the merits of the same before the convention.

You will receive all the privileges allowed delegates, such as reduced hotel rates, railroad passes, etc.

If you desire a practical trial of your exhibit, please to notify me as early as possible with full details as to the nature of the trial desired ; this will be necessary, in order to allow the committee time to make the necessary arrangements therefor, and all Intending to have an exhibit of their goods mast notify me with a detail of space, etc., required, previous to August 15,1886. For the committee,

SAMUEL ABBOTT, J*., Secretary, No. 5 Hamilton street, Boston, Mam.

COMMITTR ON Exhiiuts—John $. Smith, John L. Esau, C. H. Parks, F. J. Woodbury^ J. B. Peck, John Nicholson.


BOSTON, MASS, August, 2, 1886.

To the Firemen 0/Massachusetts :

Gentlemen—The seventh convention of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association will convene at Pittsfield Tuesday, August 31, September x and a, 1886, at 2.30 o’clock p. M.

Article 5 of the constitution provides for delegates as follows:

SECTION s. The znemb rshipof this association shall consist pf delegates of fire companies jn active service, of chief engineers, and one delegate from each board of engineers, superintendents of fire alarms, superintendents of insurance brigades, representatives of boards of fire commissioners and veteran firemen’s associations. Each active fire company shall be entitled to send two delegates to each meeting of the association, each board of fire commissioners and veteran firemen’s associations to one delegate each. And any delegate having paid one dollar annually shall contioue a member so long as he remains in good standing either as active or exempt fireman. Any member who is sent as a delegate by any of the organisations al»ove mentioned shall furnish a certificate from the chief engineer of the city or town in which he lives that he is an active or exempt fireman in good standing.

SEC. a. F.very member of this association shall pay one dollar annually.

The list of topics to be discussed have be*n assigned to members, who will open the discussion with a written essav thereon, or otherwise, after which all members are privileged to express their opinions and experiences relative to the topic thus presented.

Manufacturers and dealers in fire apparatus and supplies have been invited to exhibit their goods.

Commanding officers of companies who have not elected delegates arc requested to appoint them at their earliest opportunity.

It is hoped and expected that a large number of chiefs of departments will be in attend-

Clcrks of companies will please at once notify the secretary of the delegates elected.

Special hotel rates will be given to delegates as follows: American, Burbank and Berk* shire houses, from $2 to $2.50 per day, according to location of rooms.

The headquarters of the association will be at the American House.

A special notice will be sent giving the reduction in railroad fares.

For further information write at once to the secretary.

Respectfully yours,

SAMUEL ABBOTT, JR., Secretary, WALTER M. SNOW, President.

No. 5 Hamilton street, Boston, Mass.


To the Firemen 0/ Connecticut: BRIDGEPORT, July 25, 1886.

Brothers—The third annual convention of the State Firemen’s Association, will convene in St. John’s Hall, Bridgeport, on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 18 and 19, x886. The executive committee earnestly desire that all organized fire departments and companies in the State will send delegates to this convention. It is needless for me to repeat the objects of the association, as I believe all the firemen of Connecticut have already been informed. The topics to be discussed are of much interest to all classes of firemen, and the importance of this convention to every city and town in the State cannot be over estimated.

The secretafy of the assdeiation, Chief Engineer J. S. Jones of Westport, will gladly give all information to any who will address him on the subject.

Reduced hotel rates and railroad fares have been secured for the benefit of the delegates. Hoping all who may feel interested may be represented, I remain fraternally yours,

C. A. GERDENIER, President.