Officials Working to Improve Cleveland Water

Officials Working to Improve Cleveland Water

An examination of all refuse dumped into the Cuyahoga River bv manufacturing plants to determine the source of water pollution is to be conducted by the state of Ohio, working in conjunction with city officials of Cleveland, Ohio.

Demands have been made upon three large steel manufacturers with plants on the river to eliminate phenol discharges into the river. Cleveland’s water for the past two months has been found to contain an excessive amount of phenol, with a distinctly phenol taste. Several of the steel plants have elimination plants at work or in the process of construction.

The survey, it is planned will include all manufacturing plants along the Cuyahoga River, both in and outside the city, according to an announcement of public utilities director, Howell Wright.

A similar examination was made in 1920 but it is believed that another more stringent and forceful survey is needed at this time, to combat the phenol taste which is so prevalent in Cleveland’s water supply at this time.

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