Ogden City, Utah, Improves Water Works

Ogden City, Utah, Improves Water Works

Ogden City, Utah, recently purchased approximately 180 acres of land recently which adjoins the artesian wells in Ogden Canyon, involving an expenditure of nearly $35,000. Active work is to be begun within the next few weeks on the development of the city’s water supply for the future, according to the city commissioners. With the land purchase, which was completed a few days ago with the first payment by the city of $5,000, the city will now own and control the land and water lying between the North Fork river to the foothills of the canyon on the south.

Drilling equipment is now being purchased, according to Chris Flvgare, commissioner of water works, and within the next few weeks several additional artesian wells are to be sunk to increase the present water supply. Plans are being made to sink 10 wells this summer and it is believed by the additional natural flow from these, the pumping activities can tie decreased which will bring about a reduction of expenses.

The city has owned about 82 acres upon which the present wells are situated for years. The additional acreage just purchased includes about 182 acres, with 11 acres north of the road leading into the park and north, and 170 acres east and south of the park running to the foothills. Four or five property owners held the property.

While the purchase price totals approximately $35,000, the city has secured the land on a plan for payment over a period of vears, with 85,000 an initial payment, which has been made.

Preparations are also being made for the purchase in the future of additional land in the wells vicinity now held by the Utah Power & Light company. An agreement has been made for the city to have the first purchase opportunity, it was said.

Prices on drilling equipment and pipe are now being secured by Commissioner Flvgare and the work is soon to start, he said. It is estimated that each well will be driven to a depth of 125 feet.

Water Works Improvements in Lockhart, Tex.— Extensive improvements are planned for the water works of Lockhart, Tex., and it is probable that an issue of water bonds will be voted upon by the citizens shortly.

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