Eighth Animal Convention Held at Columbus, Ohio—Excellent and Practical Papers Freely Discussed by Members—Round Table Talks

THE Fire Chiefs’ Association of Ohio suffered a double misfortune from the fact that both its president and its vice-president were prevented from attending its eighth annual convention through illness.

The convention was held at the Southern Hotel. Columbus, Ohio June 9 and 10. The meeting was called to order at 10 a. m. on the 9th by Chief George B. Holst of Marietta, the second vice-president. The president. Chief Joseph Speddy of Lakewood, was confined to his home by illness and the first vicepresident. Chief Chas. Greensfelder of the Proctor & Gamble Company. Ivorydale, was prevented from attending the meeting due to an injury received while on active duty. Telegrams of cheer were sent these two absent officers.

Following the roll call of officers, and the reading of the minutes, a very able address of welcome was given by Judge Harry L. Conn, State Superintendent of Insurance. The response was by Chief Thomas J. McFarland of Marion. Ohio, and was replete with Irish wit.

The first technical subject under discussion was “Chemical Fire Extinguishers.” This was ably handled by A. O. Boniface, representative of the Fire Equipment & Manufacturing Institute. In addition to delivering an interesting paper, Mr. Boniface also gave some entertaining and instructive experiments on the stage, showing the different chemical reactions taking place when various substances are mixed in chemical fire extinguishers.

The next address delivered was on “Spontaneous Combustion.” by Professor James R. Withrow, of the department of chemical engineering, Ohio State University. This talk, as Professor Withrow explained, attempted to not only outline the why of the “milk of the cocoanut” but also the reason for the shaggy hair thereon. In other words, he attempted to show the reason for spontaneous combustion, what could be done about it and all conditions surrounding the matter. Following discussion on these two subjects and the usual routine of business the meeting was adjourned until afternoon.

At 1:30 the first talk of the afternoon was an illustrated one on “Automatic Sprinklers” by Ira G. Hoagland of New York, secretary-treasurer of the National Automatic Sprinkler Association. Many lantern slides were used by Mr. Hoagland in pointing out the needs for automatic protection.

Richard E. Vernor, Chicago, manager of the Fire Prevention Department of the Western Actuarial Bureau next delivered a fine talk on fire prevention under the heading of “The Little Red Box on the Corner.”

“What We Find in Ohio Fire Departments” was the subject of an address by R. B. Criswell, engineer, of the Ohio inspection Bureau. This talk was in reality a discourse on what is found lacking in fire departments.

“Hose and Their Fittings” was discussed by Chief W. S. Winnard of the Ohio Inspection Bureau, Chief Winnard giving his observations during his many years experience, not only in the Columbus Fire Department but also during his several years of standardization work.

The meeting was then adjourned until evening, at 7:30 p. m. when a talk was given by Ralph Richman, Cincinnati, Ohio, on practical, continuous fire prevention leadership, Following this talk a smoker was held and Round Table Discussion ensued. A buffet luncheon was served by the officers of the State Fire Marshal Department.

On Wednesday, June 10 at 9 a. m. the first subject on the program was “Fuel Oil Burners” by Curtis R. Welborn, Chicago, engineer, department of oils. Underwriters Laboratories.

The next talk was the only one given by a lady, this being Mrs Madge Sprague, executive secretary, division of state fire marshal and her subject was “The Cooperation That Should Exist Between the Division of State Fire Marshal and the Fire Chiefs.”

At the absence of Chief Joseph H. Speddy his paper was read by Assistant State Fire Marshal Mag ruder and a demonstration connected therewith was conducted by Captain C. T. Donnelly of the Lakewood Fire Department. This paper appealed for the use of small hose lines and demonstrated the practicability thereof.

This paper concluded the list of addresses and the session then proceeded to regular business, received the report of secretary-treasurer, Chief Philip J. Harty. For the ensuing year the following officers were elected:

Some Sketches of Prominent Men at the Convention of the Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association.

Courtesy of the Ohio State Journal, Columbus.

President—Chief D. K. Moser of Warren.

First Vice-President—Finley Durea of Wellston.

Second Vice-President—Charles Helfrich of Crestline.

Secretary-Treasurer—Re-elected, Chief Philip J. Harty, Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, Youngstown.

Directors—Joseph H. Speddy of Lakewood, and John C. Moore of Martins Ferry.

On Wednesday afternoon a demonstration was given by Company No. 2 of the Columbus Fire Department on the proper handling of apparatus, ladders, hose, etc., under the direction of Chief Jenkins Daniels, at Fulton and Pearl Streets.

Atlanta, Ga., Fire Marshal’s Office Approved—The fire board of Atlanta, Ga., at a recent meeting approved the measure introduced by Councilman Allen for the creation of the office of fire marshal. The ordinance will he sent to the finance committee before it comes up for another reading in the council.

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