Dr. David J. Price and Other Well Known Lecturers on Program—Salvage Company from Cincinnati in Accident on Way to Columbus

WITH a total enrollment of 467 and an average attendance of 214 per session, the second annual Ohio Fire School held in Columbus, September 21-24, nearly doubled last years attendance, and was considered very successful.

The opening address was by T. Alfred Fleming, Supervisor, Conservation Department, National Board of Fire Underwriters, of New York. Mr. Fleming was a former State Fire Marshal of Ohio and his forceful address was enthusiastically received by his previous associates.

Mayor Thomas of Columbus Addressing Firemen-Students Assembled in the Stadium

Dr. David J. Price, Engineer of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C., then delivered an address on “Recent Developments in Dust Explosion Prevention of Interest to Firemen.” Dr. Price spoke not only about dust explosions but also about spontaneous combustion. He illustrated his talk with actual tire demonstrations from corn starch, and with two reels of movies.

On Monday afternoon a discussion and demonstration of the “Hydraulics of Hose Streams” was given by William S. Rathbun of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago. Mr. Rathbun showed, by gages inserted in the lines, the actual friction loss in hose of various sizes from 3-inch down to garden hose. Also demonstrations were given of various hose layouts, pumper relay work, etc.

On Tuesday morning a highly illustrated talk on the “Chemistry of Fire” was delivered by Dr. Jesse E. Day, Chemistry Department of the Ohio State University. He showed many chemical reactions which might cause fire and made startling demonstrations.

Following this the fighting of actual fires with various kinds of chemical extinguishers was staged by members ot the American-LaFrance & Foamite Corporation. These demonstrations were very spectacular.

Tuesday afternoon, at the University Stadium, many demonstrations were given by members of the Columbus Fire Department, Assistant Chief C. W. Ogborn being in charge. They showed aerial ladder work, short ladders, high streams, small hose, cellar nozzles, rope coiling, rope sliding, jumping, etc. These demonstrations were well received.

Tuesday evening nine reels of movies pertaining to fire prevention and protection were shown.

The first address on Wednesday morning was F. O. Evertz, Chairman of the Electrical Committee, Eire Prevention Association of Ohio. His subject was “Electrical Hazards” and his very interesting address was illustrated with eighty-five slides.

Mrs. Ethel Millhone, Assistant State Fire Marshal, then made a very brief talk concerning “School Work on Fire Prevention.”

“Fire Streams on Electrical Lines” was discussed by Dale K. Auck, Engineer of the Ohio Inspection Bureau. Mr. Auck summarized the results of many tests and gave a digest of several publications on this subject. His talk was also illustrated with several slides.

The members of the Cincinnati Salvage Corps were unable to demonstrate salvage work Wednesday afternoon as scheduled, due to an accident. While driving to Columbus Wednesday morning in a heavy rain storm, their truck struck a traffic signal post and had its front end caved in. Several of the men were considerably bruised, but none seriously injured. Captain Conway was not with the truck as he was seriously ill in a Cincinnati hospital at the time. In the absence of the Cincinnati men, the Columbus Fire Department led an informal demonstration of salvage cover work.

During the latter part of Wednesday afternoon, an excellent demonstration of “Gas Masks and Resuscitation” was given by P. W. Moore of the State Bureau of Mines, assisted by S. E. Hassel of the Mine Safety Appliances Company. These men used a glass windowed gas filled booth and a guinea pig to demonstrate asphyxiation and resuscitation. They also showed various types of masks, helmets, etc.

Wednesday evening seven more reels of movies were shown.

Thursday morning the opening address was an “Automatic Sprinkler Systems” by J. R. Rowntree, of the Ohio Inspection Bureau. Mr. Rowntree illustrated his talk with about twenty slides and stressed the need of firemen becoming thoroughly acquainted with all the sprinkler installation in their districts.

Two Demonstrations at the School Left, showing the operation of ladders for a hotel escape, and right, a step ladder made from twenty-foot extensions.

The final address of the course was on “Workmen’s Com, pensation as It Applies to Firemen” by Ross Hedges, Claims Referee, of the State Industrial Commission. Following his address Mr. Hedges answered many questions and cited several specific cases pertaining to his subject.

Certificates issued by The Ohio State University were then presented to those attending the course.

A four-story drill tower has been erected in Las Vegas, N. M. It is forty-five feet high and is eighteen feet square. Drills are held under the direction of Chiefs Ilf eld and Brown.

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