Ohio’s Fire Losses Reduced

Ohio’s Fire Losses Reduced

“Fire Prevention Education, carefulness and inspections by uniformed firemen, many made on their ‘days off,’ saved the state of Ohio $2,689,545 last year, over 1920.” says State Fire Marshal H. A. Dykeman, “and there were 139 less fires in 1921 than the year before. If we can keep up thinking and keep practicing simple fire prevention, we should reduce the loss still further in 1922, in spite of the enormous number of new buildings being erected.

“The total number of fires last year was 5,696, as against 5,835 in 1920. The loss was $11,218,429, as against $13,907,974 the previous year.

“If the number of fires in each state could be reduced each year by care, then the 85 per cent, of preventable fires would cut our fire loss down to where it should belong. In other words, if our batting average in the Care League had been perfect our loss would have been less than $2,000,000. The eighty-five per cent, of fires charged to carelessness or to careless conditions is extremely conservative to say the least.

“In Ohio, if people would only use common sense at all times the fire loss would be so low that Europeans would cease to jibe at the United States and to call our extravagance ‘the great American bonfire.’ I must say that the fact we have reduced the number of fires in Ohio is highly pleasing to the whole fire marshal’s department.”

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