Ohio Water News

Ohio Water News

(From Our Regular Correspondent)

W. H. Dittoe, of the state department of health, who recently made a survey of Canton’s $2,500,000 water improvement project, now half completed, has notified officials that the whole project as progressed to date has been approved by the state department of health. Mr. Dittoe spent several days in Canton looking over the various projects involved.

Excavation for the 15,000,000 gallon equalization basin, north of Canton, Ohio, the largest individual project of the water improvement development, has been started. The basin when completed will cost approximately $300,000. The Morris Knowles Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., successors to R. Winthrop Pratt, who has been in charge of all detail work of the improvement here, has taken over the task.

Water Works Superintendent L. H. Ohliger has been advised by the Canton, Ohio, city council that he will be allowed the $70,000 appropriation for which he asked four weeks ago for the purchase of additional water meters. The meter force is installing meters at the rate of 50 a day, and half the city will have been metered by May 1. City council has provision for $252,000 for the purchase of meters.

Bids will be opened April 22 for sewer work, approximating $20,000, according to J. E. Root, superintendent of the sewer department. The work will include Baird Street from Brown to the Belt Line railroad, $3,050; Clay Drive, South Street to Baird, $3,980; Girard from Cole to Archwood, $6,090; and Sherman from Cole to Archwood, $5,870.

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