Oklahoma Firemen Hold Convention

Oklahoma Firemen Hold Convention

A talk by Harry K. “Smoky” Rogers, of the Western Actuarial Bureau, was an outstanding feature of the fortieth annual convention of the Oklahoma State Firemen’s Association heid at Alva, Okla., June 25-27. The visitors were welcomed by Mayor O. L. Hayden and Chief E. H. Miller, McAlester, responded for the firemen. Others who spoke at the opening of the convention were Chief W. T. Warren, Chief George B. Goff, Oklahoma City, and J. Ray Pence, Stillwater.

The school for Pension Board members was well attended. The instructors included Jess G. Read, State Insurance Commissioner; John Rogers. State Examiner and Inspector; Charles Slemp, Secretary, Oklahoma State Firemen’s Association.

Six speakers contributed to a discussion on training firemen. Those present commented favorably on, “A Lesson from the Firemen’s Training School.” by W. Fred Heisler, A. & M. College, and H. J. Clark, Chief Engineer, Oklahoma Inspection Bureau. A proposed future training program for Oklahoma firemen was presented by L. K. Covello, State Supervisor of Industrial Education, and was adopted by the association.

In his talk, “Smoky” Rogers gave a graphic picture of the recent Chicago conflagration.

A paper was contributed by Jay W. Stevens, Fire Marshal, California, and was read for him as he could not attend.

There was a lengthy discussion of problems confronting Fire Departments. Changes were also suggested for the pension law.

The entertainment consisted of two “Dutch suppers,” and a dance with a floor show.

Over three hundred persons attended the convention. Eightv-six departments were represented.

The next convention will be held at Oklahoma City. John H. Moore, Ardmore, was elected President; George F. Ross, Oklahoma City, Vice President; Sid Bean, Tahlequah and W. T. Warren, Alva, Directors. Charles Slemp was reelected Secretary-Treasurer.

During the three days, the Women’s Auxiliary held its sixth annual convention.

Thirty-six firemen of Tacoma, Wash., who were laid off last February when the firemen made their salary demands upon the Council, have been ordered reinstated by the City Council. The city may reopen some of the closed stations.

Oklahoma Firemen Hold Convention


Oklahoma Firemen Hold Convention

Registration at the thirty-eighth annual convention of the Oklahoma State Firemen’s Association, showed that there were 338 persons present and that 164 departments were represented. The convention was held in McAlester, Okla., June 1-3.

Members of the Oklahoma City Fire Department demonstrated radio as applied to fire departments. The convention hall was wired with aerial, and instruments were placed so that the visitors could see the operations and hear instructions being sent and picked up.

J. G. Read, State Insurance Commissioner, spoke on “The Firemen’s Pension Fund.” Chief J. Ray Pence presented a paper on “Rural Fire Departments.”

The outstanding talk was by Capt. Raymond Granger, of Tulsa, and so many requests were received for copies of the paper, that the association will send it out in pamphlet form to all its members.

George B. Goff, Chief of Oklahoma City, was elected Third Vice-President. All of the old officers were advanced so that the new officers are George H. Stewart, Tulsa, President; Ray Pence, Stillwater, First Vice-President; John H. Moore, Ardmore, Second Vice-President; Charles Slemp, Oklahoma City, Secretary-Treasurer (re-elected for twentythird time).

The 1933 convention will be held in Oklahoma City.