Demonstration of Foamite Automatic Extinguisher at New England Fire Chiefs' Convention, Manchester, N. H., June 22—24 Just as extinguishers went into operation on fire in 60 sq. foot pit of oil.A few seconds later—fire completely smothered by foam blanket.

More Than 300 Registered at Gathering Three Schools for Firemen Held Simultaneously

THE Oklahoma State Firemen’s Association, which was organized thirty-two years ago, held the most successful gathering in its history, at Enid, Okla.

In connection with the gathering, the officials arranged for a fire college to give the delegates an opportunity to learn some of the important fundamentals of the work of the firemen. While the school was being held, various entertainments were arranged for the women who accompanied the men to the convention; this part of the program was in charge of Mrs. Jay Weissinger, wife of the chief of the fire department at Enid.

E. H. Miller was superintendent of the A section of the school with George B. Higginbotham of Muskogee, secretary. Leon L. Wolf, drill master of the Cincinnati fire department, was instructor in drills with J. C. Osborne, drill master of the Oklahoma City fire department, as assistant instructor.

The rudiments of elementary training were given, demonstrating proper methods of using fire apparatus, equipment and appliances. Demonstrations were also given in first aid work and artificial resuscitation.

In the B section of the school, William Collier was chairman with George K. Brown, secretary. The instructors consisted of Clarcnce Goldsmith, assistant chief engineer of the National Board of hire Underwriters, Chicago; George B. Goff, chief fire department, Oklahoma City, and Charles Maulen, Gamewell Fire Alarm Company.

The topics discussed were Fire Control and Extinguishment front the Viewpoint of the Chief Executive Officer; Ventilating in Fire-Fighting, Hydraulics of Fire Streams, and Fire Alarms.

Section C of the school was in charge of Tom Lyle, superintendent. and Frank Scott, secretary. The following, all from the Oklahoma Inspection Bureau, were instructors—F. C. Trask, Clifford Anderson and H. J. Clark. Courses were given on building construction, electrical installations, mechanical installations, and inspections.

Motion pictures furnished by the . National Board of Fire Underwriters were exhibited one of the evenings of the convention.

At one of the sessions it was voted to hold next year’s convention at Okmulgee, the date to be left to the executive board. The new officers elected are: J. E. Taplin, Blackwell, president; Wesley Bush. Tulsa, first vice-president: George Higginbotham, Muskogee, second vice-president; E. H. Miller, McAlester, third vice-president; Charles Slemp, secretary-treasurer (re-elected for the fifteenth time) ; and J, A. Norris, Tulsa, sergeant-at-arms.

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