Old Aid Unit Rejuvenated As Fire Prevention Van

Old Aid Unit Rejuvenated As Fire Prevention Van

Fire Inspector Renton, Wash., Fire Department

When it was replaced by a new vehicle, an aid unit of the Renton, Wash., Fire Department got a new lease of life with the department’s fire prevention bureau.

The 1972 Dodge van is equipped with a four-frequency radio, PA system, spotlights, portable hand lights, numerous cupboards and shelves, two padded bench seats and a portable stretcher. The aid unit facilities were left mostly intact so the van can be used as a back up aid unit when one of our other aid units goes out of service or whenever additional aid units may be needed for a motor incident.

Investigation equipment consists of cameras, film, flash attachments, flammable liquid detector, breathing apparatus cylinders, two fire extinguishers and a fire investigation tool kit. Pans for flammable liquid extinguisher demonstrations and fire prevention handout material are also carried in the van. Miscellaneous equipment consists of traffic cones, road flares, safety vests and a large first aid kit. The van also has an Opticom unit to facilitate response to an investigation scene.

Fire prevention personnel have been using the van for several months. It has come in handy on school fire drills, during Fire Prevention Week and for building inspections.

A portable board with six different kinds and types of smoke detectors has been added for demonstrations and another board is in the process of being made up that will display twenty different sprinkler heads.

The van will also carry videotape and camera equipment that can be set up prior to large scale disaster drills in which the department participates.

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