Old Fire Diary at Chicopee.

Old Fire Diary at Chicopee.

The interest in fire department matters nearly a century ago was recently interestingly disclosed by some diary entries just come to light at Chicopee, Mass. The diary in question was kept by Dexter Snow, who was evidently an enthusiastic fireman. The diary entries are as follows:

October 16, 1845—A muster was held in Springfield. There were seven companies pres -ent. one from South Hadley, Chicopee and Cabot; the one from Chicopee hearing off the palm, throwing a stream 200 feet.

“October 23—We took out the engine for the first time and the hose hurst.

“October 25—Took out the engine and burst the hose again.

Again in January. 1849. it states “The new engine Atlantic arrived to-day, cost $850.” On October 6. “Trial between the Atlantic company and the Niagara of Springfield, the Atlantic won.”

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