One Dead in Dusf Blast

One Dead in Dusf Blast

A negro worker was killed and three others were badly burned when two dust explosions, only seconds apart, occurred at the Gillette Grain Company, Nashville, Tenn. The dead man was trapped in the 220-foot elevator.

Lowering the Victim of the Dust Explosions

Fire broke out in a 30,000-bushel grain storage tank, adjoining the warehouse, within a few minutes. Flames were soon extinguished.

The first explosion was in the central elevator, but the second involved the entire plant. The force of the blasts were so great that every steel casement in every window was ripped loose, and a metal siding on a loading platform on the ground was blown over box cars on nearby railroad tracks.

The victim of the blast was wrapped in a salvage cover and lowered to the ground. Chief J. A. Scruggs said that his men were drilled at the training school on how to lower persons injured or killed in tall buildings.

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