A prize of over $1,000.00 is offered through the American Humane Association for the most satisfactory horseshoe or device which will prevent horses from slipping on roadways and wherever in service.

Why this Prize is Offered

All over the northern part of the United States, each winter, thousands of horses slip and strain themselves. Sometimes they fall; sometimes legs are broken and the horses are shot. The inhumanity of present conditions is very great. The loss in valuable horseflesh is appalling.

Snow and ice increase the slipperiness of the pavement. Horseshoes must be kept sharp much of the time. Even this does not prevent the animal from slipping. Many of the state roads, while smooth and of good grade, offer a very uncertain footing for beasts of burden. These conditions must be met. Trade and agriculture must go on as usual. Not alone do slippery or smooth pavements threaten the horse; they also offer an embargo on the transaction of business of every kind. Millions of dollars of loss accrue each year from the uncertainty of the footing of the horses, mules and donkeys, which bear the burdens of civilization.

To relieve these existing obstacles to traffic and stop the frightful suffering collected therewith, The American Humane Association invites the cooperation of all inventors and lovers of man’s faithful friends in harness.

Conditions of Competition

  1. The Competition is open to all without restriction.
  2. The Association reserves the right to reject any or all designs submitted and to make final decision on award.
  3. A Committee of three, appointed by the President of The American Humane Association, composed of one prominent veterinarian and two practical horsemen, of large expejience, will examine the designs submitted and report on the same with recommendations to the Association.
  4. The design may be submitted by means of drawings, or a model, or both. A description should accompany each design submitted, stating, in detail, the merits claimed for the invention, the material used, or proposed to be used, in its construction, and its estimated cost. State whether or not the invention is in actual use or has been tested, and the results’as to wearing record, non-slipping qualities, and other advantages. Such descriptive matter should be typewritten.

All inquiries regarding this competition should be addressed to Dr. William O. Stillman, President, The American Humane Association, 287 State Street, Albany, New York.

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