Only Two Per Cent of Fires Get Away

Only Two Per Cent of Fires Get Away

There are very few fires that got away last year from the point of origin, according to a study made by the Continental Insurance Company covering fifty large cities in the United States. The study included Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and other leading cities. About ninety-eight per cent of the 147,183 fires which started last year were confined to the places where they originated.

C. W. Pierce, vice-president of the company, said:

“A tremendous increase in the use of motor apparatus and generally improved equipment was also an important factor. Our survey shows that, on the whole, the cities in the South and Southwest were less successful in holding fires in check than were those located in other sections of the United States, hut this was probably because climatic conditions permit less substantial contraction rather than because of extinguishment.”

Records of 1927 fires confined to the point of origin for a number of cities are as follows: New York, 99 per cent.; Chicago, 96 per cent.: Los Angeles, 98 per cent.; San Francisco, 97 per cent.; New Haven, 99 per cent.; Jacksonville, 98 per cent.; Indianapolis, 98 per cent.; Grand Rapids, 99 per cent.; Louisville, 96 per cent.; Baltimore, 99 per cent.; Boston.

98 per cent.; Springfield, Mass., 99 per cent.; Minneapolis and St. Paul, 99 per cent.; Camden and Jersey City, 99 per cent.; Philadelphia, 99 per cent.; Seattle, 98 per cent., and Milwaukee, 99 per cent.

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