Ontario Fires Decline in 1968

Ontario Fires Decline in 1968

A decline in the number of fires in the Province of Ontario, and a slight decrease in the numbers of persons killed or injured, are noted in the annual report for 1968 of Fire Marshal Martin S. Hurst. The number of fires dropped from 22,782

in 1967, to 22,007, the lowest figure for any year since 1953.

From a total property fire loss of $55, 827,990 in 1967, the figure increased by slightly over $2,000,000 to $57,844,479. There were 225 fire fatalities in 1968, including 70 children, against a total of 229 in 1967. The number of people injured by fire was reduced by 84 to a total of 687.

The number of criminal prosecutions continued to increase, due in part to a more intensive program of fire investigation. There were 175 convictions for fire crimes and 111 cases awaited disposal at the end of the year. The Fire Investigation Section investigated 983 fires, of which 424 were found to be of incendiary origin.

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