Operation of Cairo Department

Operation of Cairo Department

The fire brigade, or the fire department, as it is called in the United States, plays an important part in the life of. Cairo, Egypt. The brigade is well organized and is under the command of Sir Lewa T. W. Russel Pasha who is Cairo Police Commandant.

The department was organized in 1865 with very primitive equipment. The water supply at that time was very poor and water had to be carried to the scene of the fire. Hand pumps were used that were drawn to the fire by horses. In 1880 the Cairo Fire Brigade received its first steam fire engine. This was a great asset and improved the working of the department although the water system was still inadequate and the water was conveyed in carts as in former years.

The Central Fire Station was opened in 1904 and a few years later a number of fire hydrants were installed. Since that time the organization has had a steady growth. Methods have been improved along with the city’s improved type of building construction.

Lord Lloyd Inspecting the Fire Brigade at Head quarters.Central Fire Station of Cairo, Egypt, with the Apparatus in Front for Inspection

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Operation of Cairo Department

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The present staff consists of seven officers, chief engineer, twenty-six mechanics and 310 non-commissioned officers and men. The equipment consists of nineteen motor propelled engines of which fifteen are pumpers, one Merryweather all powered fire escape and water tower (ninety-five feet when extended) and two trailer pumps that can also be drawn by hand for use in narrow streets. Seven of the pumps are installed in the sub stations within the city limits but are under control of the Central Fire Station.

Cairo Fire Boat with Officers and Crew on Deck

Besides fighting fires, the brigade plays an important part in the rescue of persons from collapsed houses and in the rescue of animals from street trenches and wells. For example in 1926 the brigade answered 665 fire alarms and seventy-seven rescue calls. Cairo is a progressive Egyptian city and requires a progressive fire department.

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