Opposes Police Work by Firemen

Opposes Police Work by Firemen

An attempt was recently made in a Wisconsin city to have firemen do police duty, particularly in connection with taking police calls at fire stations.

In connection with such a plan the International Association of Fire Fighters, affiliated with the American Federation of Labor in a recent convention went on record as being opposed to such practice. The resolution adopted by that Association at that time is as follows:

“Whereas. Numerous city officials have Riven orders to Fire Chiefs to detail firemen to traffic duty and other police duties; and

“Whereas, This is detrimental to the efficiency of the Fire Department: be it

“Resolved, That the International Association of Fire Fighters in convention assembled disapproves of this practice; and, he it further

“Resolved, That the International officers use every reasonable means in their power to prevent this practice, and to prevent Its extension or recurrence.”

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