Oregon Fire Chiefs Meet

Oregon Fire Chiefs Meet

The Seventh Annual Convention of the Oregon State Fire Chief’s Association was held at Corvallis, Oregon, on June 21 to 24, 1926, with the largest attendance since its organization, Chief Wm. Priebe, of Oregon City, presiding.

A committee was appointed to draft a bill to be presented to the next Legislature in January. 1927, to provide for a Firemen’s College course in connection with the Oregon State Agricultural College. The State Fire Marshal reported that under the State laws passed by recommendation of the Association, the fire hose and hydrants in every city in Oregon and all (except two or three) large manufacturing plants had been standardized to the Underwriters National Standard, and also the standpipes on all large buildings. The sale of fire hose without standard threads is prohibited under penalty.

Mr. Elkins, of the State Industrial Accident Commission reported that most of the volunteer fire departments were under the protection of the Commission, and explained that under the Oregan law, volunteer firemen, regardless of amount of compensation, can be brought under the benefits of the Worken’s Compensation Act by payment of 90 cents per month per man, and in case of injury while performing their duties as firemen, they are entitled to the same free hospital service and as high rate of compensation as the highest paid workmen. The fees are paid by the cities.

A course in first aid was given by Mr. Shoning, of the U. S. Bureau of Mines, about 25 chiefs receiving certificates of proficiency.

Salem, Oregon, was selected for the 1927 convention on a date to be selected later.

The officers elected were: Roy Elliott. Medford. President; Wm. Nusbaum, Eugene, 1st V. P.: Ivan Pearson, McMinnville, 2nd V. P. James Fletcher, Jr., Roseburg, Treasurer; Thos. Coates, Tillamook, Secretary.



Lively Discussions on Fire Fighting and fire Prevention Matters at Fifth Annual Convention — New Officers Are Elected

A large gathering of the chiefs of fire departments of the state were present at the fifth annual convention of the Oregon State Association of Fire Chiefs, which took place Astoria, Ore., on September 16 to 18. The sessions were signalized by addresses by several prominent men in the fire prevention field. Among these were Jay W. Stevens, state fire marshal of California: George Stokes, deputy state fire marshal of Oregon; John Taft, of the local chamber of commerce, Will Moore, Oregon state insurance commissioner and W. J. Lester.

At noon on September 16 the fire chiefs and their ladies were guests at a luncheon at the Astoria hotel of the Chamber of Commerce. It was presided over by City Manager O. A. Kratz. Music during the luncheon was played by the Haller orchestra and Mrs. John Shaner sang a number of vocal solos which were greatly appreciated.

At 3 p. m. the members were taken on a sightseeing trip in autos by members of the Astoria chamber over the city and county. They ended up at Seaside where at 6 o’clock the firemen of that city were hosts at a dinner followed by a dance.

On September 13 the fire chiefs were guests at a banquet in the Astoria hotel, the principal speakers being Mayor O. B. Setters, Jay Stevens and Fire Chief Bussing of the Astoria department. At the adjournment of the banquet they were taken to the new Cobban dance hall in the Sanborn block where they were guests at the boxing smoker.

The election of officers resulted as follows: T. R. Graham, chief of Corvallis, president; William Priede, of Oregon City, first vice-president; Harry Hutton, Salem, second vice-president; Thomas Coates. Tillamook, secretary; J. H.. Sherlock, Newberg, treasurer, and C. F. Foster, Astoria; Roy Elliot, Medford, and B. C. Henrys, Seaside, trustees.

Forest Grove was voted as the next meeting place in 1925.