Orlando Officials Respond to Most Recent Allegations

Orlando, FL, November 13, 2001-The City of Orlando has responded to the most recent allegations in its dispute with firefighters, who maintain that the city has withheld from them information pertaining to their health status and test results.

Two weeks ago, Commissioner Don Ammerman called for two city administrators to resign. The City’s attorney said that the commissioners are good employees who should remain on the job. And last month, an Orlando firefighter said that he missed a doctor’s appointment because he was told about it three days later. The city maintains that the firefighter’s missed doctor’s appointment was the result of a typo, not a clandestine effort to take away his medical benefits. Firefighters have also complained that some of their medical records are missing from the clinic; the clinic denies there is a problem.

These recent allegations are only three in a long list made by firefighters, some claiming that the city did not inform them that they showed symptoms of hepatitis C as far back as 20 years ago.

Orlando Mayor Glenda Hood said the city will get to the bottom of the allegations. The firefighters’ union is calling for an independent investigation into the city’s occupational medical clinic.

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