—A new jail will be built at Curtis, Neb.

—Sioux City, Ia., will build a $20,000 school-house this spring.

—Plans have been prepared for a $20,000 brick school building at Moline, Ill.

—Baltimore, Md., has appropriated $56,000 for the building of two school-houses.

—Improvements in the sewerage system of Cambridge, Mass., are recommended by the city engineer.

—A court house costing $75,000 will be erected at Lyons, Kan., and another costing $35,000 in Cloud county in the same State.

—A hospital and insane asylum to cost $150,000 will be built at Omaha, Neb. C. P. Needham, county clerk, may give information.

— Knglneer tiering of Chicago is now in Newark, N. J., making estimates and preparing plans for a sewerage system in that city.

—Cleveland, (O, is discussing a project to build a large sewer through which all the sewage of the city would be discharged into the lake.

-City Engineer Allen of Worcester, Mass., has presented his report in relation to the disposal of the sewage of the city. He recommends a system of chemical precipitation. The estimated cost of the system complete is $-156,559.

—The cities along the Illinois river are making strong objections to the proposed drainage plans for Chicago now before the State legislature. There is a prospect that they will bring influence enough to bear to defeat the bills at this session.

A large amount of paving will be done in Chicago during the coming season. The principal part of It will be with cedar-blocks, but in the business portion of the city granite blocks will be used. There are five streets on which macadam will be employed.

—Bids for erecting a double set of officers quarters, with hospital, at Willett’s Point, N. Y„ were opened by Henry C. Hodges, Deputy Quartermaster General U. S. A., at the army building, New York city, on the 16th inst. The contract was awarded to John H. O’Rourke, Brooklyn, N. Y., for $31,900.

—Sidney Farrar sends the following to FIRE AND WATER: Bids for street lighting were opened at Paterson. N. J., by the committee on lamps, etc., on the ao;h inst. as follows : For gas, United Gas Improvement Company, Paterson, $22.50 per lamp for not less than 180 lamps. Electric lights: Paterson Electric Light Company, Paterson, $150 per lamp; American Electric Light Company, New York, $138.70 per lamp.

—Bids for the building of the new Gansevoort Market in this city were opened at the office of the Board of Public Works on the tSih inst. Moran A Armstrong were the lowest bidders, and were awarded the contract at $477,4^3. The new building is to cover an area of 400 feet square. It is to be a two story brick and iron structure, divided into twelve separate market compartments 58 x 183 feet in size. The contract provides that the building shall be completed within 350 days.

—Bids for the following work were opened at the Park Department this city, on the 20th inst : Furnishing and setting curbstones around Jeannette Park at Coenties slip, 700 lineal feet, George F. Masterson, $2 per foot; total, $1400. A. E. Moran, $1.98 per foot; total, $1,386. Furnishing and delivering broken trap-rock stone and trap-rock screenings, for Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth wards . Trap-rock stone, 2J^’, 5425 cubic yards; trap-rock screenings, 2575 cubic yards, John S. Howell; $2.75 for each per yard, total, $22,000. Brown & Fleming, $2.35^ each per yard, total, $18,840. John A. Bouker, $2.62 per yard, total, $20,960. For screened gravel for Central and Riverside parks, 5000 cubic yards, James Slattery, $1.82 per yard, total, $9100. Brown & Fleming, $1.65 per yard, total, $8230. George F. Doak, $1.77 per yard, total, $8850.

—Bids for street cleaning were opened at Albany, N. Y., by the Board of Contract and Apportionment on the 18th inst., as follows;

These amounts were per day for each team furnished as required.

—The following bids were opened by Major A. Mackenzie, Corps of Engineers, U. S. A., at Rock Island, Ill., on April 15, for furnishing hydraulic cement for use in construction of dry dock at Des Moines Rapids canal :

—The following proposals for constructing a jetty at the entrance to Galveston Harbor, Tex,, were received on the 16th inst., by Major O. H. Ernst, Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army, at Galveston, Tex. :

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