Our Editorial Advisory Board

Our Editorial Advisory Board

It is with great pleasure that we welcome to our pages and present to our readers (to whom they really need no introduction) the following leaders in the water works profession who have offered their cooperation toward making FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, even more markedly than in the past, the outstanding journal of its field. Here are the members of our new Editorial Advisory Board:

GEORGE W. BATCIIELDER, Worcester, Mass. Commissioner and Registrar, Water Dept.

WILLIAM W. BRUSH, New York, N. Y. Deputy Chief Engineer, Dept. of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity.

HARRY E. HUY, Buffalo, N. Y. General Manager, Western New York Water Co.

BURTON LOWTHER, Denver, Colo. Chief Engineer and General Superintendent Board of Water Commissioners.

CALEB MILLS SAVILLF., Hartford, Conn. Manager and Chief Engineer, Board of Water Commissioners.

V. BERNARD SIEMS, Baltimore, Md. President and Engineer, Water Board.

Readers interested in fire protection problems will be glad to know that a second Advisory Board comprising authorities of equal prominence in the fire field is now being organized.

Practical articles by practical men, more and more, will make FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING the indispensible magazine of the fire protection and water supply fields. We are proud of the position FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING has already won; and with the active cooperation of these leaders in the profession, our field of practical usefulness is bound to expand more and more.

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