“Owed to the Streen Fire Engine.”

“Owed to the Streen Fire Engine.”

When little Miss Lucy R—-, aged thirteen, of Marengo,

Ill., was visiting in that city, it was her great pleasure to witnesss the Chicago Fire Department extinguish a great fire. The steam engines impressed her most, it seems, and on return to school, at Marengo, she distinguished herself on “ composition-day” in an “owed to the streen fire engine.” This was some years ago, but the school teacher has carefully preserved the original “owed,” and from it we have been permitted to make the following copy, which includes spelling, punctuation, construction and all:

Grate ingine 1 You have eradicated fire machinery worked by human mussel. Grate ingine 1 You skwirt on topes of houses where the flames protrude, and you immediately ecktinguish—

Grate ingine!—

Stupendoowus steem pump 1 You suck, you draw up, and you skwirt water on the raging and devowring elament, commonly known as fire, And you suckseatin kwenchingthe aforeseds.

Stupendoowus steem pump !—

Mitey destroyer of ignited kombustiduls, when’youjget to a cistern, you run your sucktions in, your enginear puts on adishional steem, and you proceed forthwith to darken down colighted matter.

Mighty destroyer of egnited Kombusteduls 1

Grand ecksterminator of blaseing material! You most feel proud bekause you have plenty of water on hand and dent use spiritous lickers, you dont work much Because you have nothing to do Grand ecksterminator of blaseing Material!

Wonderful infantile water-works ! You have superseded the laboring efforts of individuals to perfect hand pumps, And you now stand out in bass relievus to the enemy of flame, Because you always come out Best ! Wonderful infantile waterworks !—

Thou spreader of akweous fluid ! You know full well, your hundred feet on pipe in your biler, big wheals, little waives, are death to the old fire boys, and useful to insurance companies.

Thou spreader of akweous fluid !

Steem fire engine your useful, You use wood and koal, you make a big noise with your whistle, and you leave a streak But steen fire ingine your useful, your a trump, go on go on steen fire ingine

Go on grate old


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